Culture Credits & Trips

Always something fun to do on weekends at Orme

Friday evening through Sunday night can be a time for Orme students to simply relax and recharge, but there are still plenty of fun trips and activities planned by weekend Duty Teams. Weekend opportunities always include at least one Culture Credit (educational) trip. For example, a recent fall weekend included the following student trip offerings: […]

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Orme fall Mini-Caravan

Much like Orme Caravans of the past, from September 28-30, the entire school community of students and faculty traveled en masse for a mini-Caravan adventure to Roosevelt Lake near Payson, Arizona. During the weekend, everyone hiked to the top of Mount Ord (see photo below). Caravan co-coordinator Steve Hall stated that the trip provided students […]

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Family Days Coffee House Performances

Coffee House is held monthly at Orme, but for Family Days weekend it was an extra special extravaganza. Held in Horsecollar Theater, visiting parents and families were able to attend and enjoy the show. Students (and a few faculty members) displayed their diverse talents. Performances included several guitar pieces, a current folk-pop-rock song sung as […]

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