Always something fun to do on weekends at Orme

Friday evening through Sunday night can be a time for Orme students to simply relax and recharge, but there are still plenty of fun trips and activities planned by weekend Duty Teams. Weekend opportunities always include at least one Culture Credit (educational) trip.

For example, a recent fall weekend included the following student trip offerings:

Castles N’ Coasters

Montezuma’s Well National Monument

Dinner at a Sushi Restaurant in Prescott

And there will be many more fun weekend happenings as the year progresses. Prefects and student leaders serve on Duty Teams, and assist faculty team members in the selection of things for students to do both on and off-campus each weekend, based on student interest and requests.

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  1. My husband and I lived at Montezuma Castle National Monument in the early 60s. He was an archaeologist with the NPS. Later he returned and did an underwater survey of the well.

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