Arts at Orme

“When I am engaged in the process of making and firing I am aware of the element of gravity. Earth draws everything towards itself. But I hope to touch heaven.” –Yo Akiyama

Orme is a fantastic environment for teaching (and learning) art. For decades, international artists have been drawn to the beautiful Southwest to draw and paint, and Orme is nestled right in the middle of their geographic and aesthetic inspiration.

Your Fine Art curriculum credits may also be earned in Music with individualized and small group instruction provided in piano and guitar, whether you are a beginner or accomplished in either instrument.

Art is a part of our southwestern experience, both ancient and modern. The arts are an inherent and frequent part of your Orme experience. Expect to sit at a potter’s wheel, try your hand at printmaking, hammer hot iron into a rose or hat rack in Metal Arts, take a drama workshop, or learn to play the guitar or piano. Join our choir. Write a poem or stage a skit to perform at Coffee House. You never know what you will discover about your own talents.