On Campus

Orme Dorm Rooms
Orme dorms are filled with light, desks and comfortable beds.

Living on campus here at Orme is comfortable and invigorating. Our close-knit community provides a familial approach; one that respects you as an individual. Our gorgeous Western landscape and beautiful oasis of a campus make for an unrivaled living experience. Campus life is fun and rigorous, full of Orme traditions, after-school activities (from sports to drama), and a kinship of friends, faculty, coaches and staff. All work in concert on campus to support your dynamic and most excellent personal growth.

Residential Expectations

Students are expected to:

  • Live and embrace Orme’s residential mission.
  • Take responsibility for their bodies, emotions and actions in an age appropriate continuum.
  • Participate and contribute positively to residential programs and activities.

 Parents are expected to:

  • Support Orme’s residential mission.
  • Respect and plan accordingly to residential programs and activities.
  • Communicate with Deans and Residential Faculty in a timely and appropriate manner.

Student Packing List – What students should bring with them to campus.