Students spend weekend at Chaco Canyon

Orme History and English teacher Steve Hall led a student camping trip to Chaco Canyon in New Mexico last weekend. Eight students had a unique opportunity to explore and study those famous prehistoric Pueblo ruins and history.

Although the temperatures dipped a little at night, students enjoyed hiking and biking during the day. Mr. Hall shared that the group was able to experience a “full moon, which bathed the desert with a beautiful ivory patina, while viewing the stars in an ebony sky.” He also stated, “It was so magical that for some time students even forgot all about their cell phones!”


Those on the trip also had a chance to explore the archeological sites of Pueblo Bonito, Casa Chiquita, Pueblo del Arroyo and Chetro Ketl ruins. Chaco Canyon is one of the most visited prehistoric sites in the United States, and is also a World Heritage Site.

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