New course offerings for 2020-2021

Through all the changes of the past few months, the teachers at Orme have been working hard to keep moving our academic program to new levels of excellence. I am thrilled to announce that we will be offering the following new courses this fall: Linear Algebra, taught by Glenn Arena; Psychology, taught by Donovan Kilby; Advanced Placement Environmental Science, taught by Sylvia Strobel; and Earth and Space Science taught by Tom Goodspeed.

All of these courses expand our academic possibilities for students, and I believe all four are particularly relevant academic pursuits in the challenging times we are facing. For example, studying linear algebra prepares students to continue in advanced mathematics and gives them the skills necessary to build complex predictive models of how a virus spreads in a population and how a vaccine can be most efficiently deployed. In Psychology, examining the biological factors such as hormones and neurotransmitters and their resulting effect on the brain sounds like a great way for teenagers to come to understand themselves after long periods of quarantine and isolation.

Continuing to explore the ways we can enhance our efforts at sustainability and solve problems creatively at Orme and in the global community through advanced study in AP Environmental Science is how I propose we will prepare our students to help heal our people and our planet. And what better way to come back down to earth after all we have seen and been through than exploring the natural wonders of geology around Orme and the infinite expanse of our night sky in Earth and Space Science.

Course Catalog 2020-2021

Erik Playe
Academic Dean & Director of College Counseling


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