The Landscape

The views are bigger here. As are the opportunities.

Orme is 300 gorgeous acres surrounded by natural beauty. Our campus occupies half a square-mile (125 hectares) near the geographic center of Arizona, in the heart of the American Southwest. Welcome to a land of tall trees, green lawns, flower and vegetable gardens, and a newly planted organic orchard—a veritable arboretum of a campus, adjacent to pristine wilderness. Hundreds of square miles of the Prescott National Forest border Orme along with thousands of acres of historic ranchland. Deer, hawks, eagles and jackrabbits call this landscape their home. Here, one can enjoy uncluttered vistas by day and be mesmerized by grand skies alit with stars by night.

Quote IconCloseness to wild living things, trees, grasslands, birds and animals, nurtures in those who live in the spacious lands a sense of wonder, sensitivity to beauty, a reverence for life and creation.

Charles H. Orme, Jr., Orme Founding Headmaster