At The Orme School, you can grow as a leader for the school, and for the future.

Girls working
Orme students develop the qualities that make our future leaders.

The following words, still exceptionally and eerily relevant today, were penned by Orme’s headmaster, Charles H. Orme, Jr., during his 1968 Vespers talk entitled On Seeking a Better World: “If we are to keep our own country and the world from shattering in this age of unrest, many things must be done and much truth must be identified and re-identified and communicated; but throughout all of this, little will be saved unless we develop the necessary leaders.”

Orme School students develop into leaders through skill-building activities including serving as a Prefect or Proctor, serving as a class officer, or participating in the International Club, Red Cross Club, or other school clubs.

Headmaster Orme went on to say to his students, “You must become responsible leaders and, in some way or another, you will have to allow us, as adults, to help you and we will have to allow you elbow room in which to develop your qualities as leaders.”