Financial Aid

Orme has a rolling admissions process. Families should understand that financial aid is awarded on a first come-first served basis.

Domestic Applicants

The Parents’ Financial Statement should be submitted online to the School & Student Services (SSS) by NAIS. Parents’ Financial Statement for custodial parent(s), parents who are separated or divorced, have never been married or for non-custodial parent(s) submitted online directly to SSS by NAIS. In cases of divorce or separation, both parents must submit all required forms. The family’s ability to contribute is based on both parents’ income and assets. 

International Applicants

The International Financial Aid application should be completed and submitted along with certified copies of your bank and income statements. Completed packets can be sent to

Letter of Request

We at Orme know that affording boarding school can be challenging. A letter of request or a one-on one-call with our team, is your best opportunity to explain your real life circumstances. Please e-mail, or call (928) 632-7601.

Orme School Code: 5578