Eating Well

Indulge in delectable, sustainable dining at The Orme School, where our commitment to health, wellness, and the environment is evident in every bite. Back in 2014, we launched the innovative “Farm-to-Founders” initiative, redefining our daily menu by sourcing a significant portion of it from local farms, ranches, and our very own community Burpee Garden. Engaging students in gardening and ranching tasks, they gain firsthand knowledge of food cultivation and harvesting.

In 2015, we took it a step further by planting the Burpee Orchard, funded by The Burpee Foundation, boasting 200 fruit and nut trees that elevate the nutritional value of our menus while supporting local produce.

Step into our inviting Founders Dining Hall, a vibrant hub where students, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds gather in groups of all sizes. This bustling space brings together boarding and day students (boys and girls from nearby neighborhoods and across the globe), athletes, and artists, all enjoying a delicious meal, socializing, and studying together.

Discover an array of tempting options at our dining hall, including fresh mixed options to create your own flavorful salad in our well-stocked salad bar. Our dedicated Founders Kitchen Staff are not only professional and friendly, but also deeply committed to serving flavorful, nutritious, high-quality food that leaves a minimal environmental footprint.

We prioritize locally-sourced, free-range, grass-fed, and non-GMO ingredients, including meats, eggs, vegetables, and culinary herbs cultivated right here in our own garden. As an independent establishment, we take pride in our individual approach to culinary excellence, free from institutional constraints.

We take pride in catering to special dietary needs, and go the extra mile to accommodate food allergies and sensitivities. In fact, we actively encourage our students to share their favorite food ideas and even their cherished family recipes with our Founders Team, fostering a sense of community and culinary creativity.

So come hungry and take a seat with us. We can’t wait to dine with you!