Orme Commencement 2018 Address by Mr. Dave Pratt

The Orme School was very pleased to have Dave Pratt (‘The Morning Mayer’) join us for Commencement 2018 on Saturday, May 19. Dave is a member of the Broadcasters Hall of Fame, and the Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame. In 2010, he launched the Starworld Wide Network that produces audio and video commercials for the largest brands in Arizona and around the world. Starworld Wide Network is one of the fastest growing Internet radio and television networks in the nation. Dave is also the daily host of Dave Pratt Live on the CW television network.

We would like to share his wonderful Commencement Address (below) with you.

Commencement Address 2018

I would like to thank The Orme School for having me on this special day, and I would like to congratulate the graduates!  My older brother Tim went to school here.  It’s great to be back!

Most importantly, I am the father of four and a husband of 30 years. I am the proud son of wonderful parents, and I’m a loyal friend. Everything else is secondary.

Today we are celebrating The Orme School graduates, but we are also celebrating all of Orme.  Let’s hear it for the staff and teachers!

In March of 2016, I had just turned 55 years old. After not hearing from my high school English teacher for 37 years, I received this hand-written letter from Mrs. Harris.

March 7, 2016


I am sending this with love … and concern. You were always one of my favorite students, but far from my greatest academic achievement. I am a subscriber to Arizona Highways and recently had the displeasure of reading your article. The content was fine and well organized. However, I was not surprised to find poor grammar. You and Ricky always found it humorous to horse around in my class. Now the results are obvious.

It is not necessary to use a comma before a conjunction if a new sentence is not being formed. In addition, David, just like one of your bad habits from high school, you continue to inappropriately mix present tense with past tense in the same topic structure.

Please correct today’s column and return it to me.

Mrs. Harris

Once a Teacher… Always a Teacher!

Coming up here today, I was looking over the list of Commencement Speakers at Orme through the years. Ronald Reagan – Barry Goldwater – Jimmy Stewart – Sandra Day O’Connor – And (thanks to the $500 I slipped in an envelope to Head of School Sanborn) … Dave Pratt!

So, anybody who is lucky enough to be invited to be a Commencement Speaker is always supposed to say something motivational. Usually it has something to do with your career like:

  • How you can change the world?
  • How you can achieve your dreams?
  • How you can leave this planet a better place than when you came?
  • How you can bring global peace?
  • How you can cure all diseases?

Well, I agree. Shoot Big!! Go for it!!

But my message today is more simple.  There are five things I would like you to remember:

  • Be Nice. Do not let politics, or hate, or racism, or money, or social classes divide you. Just be nice.  If you are not making someone else’s life better, you are living yours wrong.
  • Be Thankful. Hug people who you appreciate and give hand written thank you notes.
  • Be Giving. Never stop doing little things for others. Those little things might occupy the biggest part of their hearts.
  • Be Honest. No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar. Lying means that you are not proud of who you are.
  • Be Humble. Help people, even when you know they cannot help you back. A rich man is just a poor man with money.

On the day of my own high school graduation, my mom left this note tucked into the inside of my cap and gown. It said:


  • Enjoy life. If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun.
  • 10 hot dogs will never match 8 buns.
  • Be kind to others unless they are competitors.
  • Marry a girl with straight, white teeth. It means she has a rich father.
  • You want to be in broadcasting, but you have no talent. You will need to work harder!
  • If you get in trouble, call your father.
  • Until the day I want grandchildren… Be careful.
  • If you are late tonight, there is meatloaf in the fridge.
  • If you shoplift, don’t carry a photo I.D.
  • And, if you fail in life … lose this note!

And, of course, my mother would always lovingly remind me…

Your brother was accepted to Orme – you were not!

Well, I made it to Orme, Mom!!  I’m here now!


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