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Academics If you are at Orme it is because you want to go the extra mile. You want to achieve and to live in a community that supports that achievement every day. At Orme be ready for myriad learning experiences. You will be challenged and encouraged by faculty with a passion for what they teach. You will be taught as an individual through small dynamic classes and a strong college preparatory curriculum. As an Orme student you are expected to ask questions. Your teachers will welcome you into their homes and offices for extra help. They want you to be successful. Expect to go outside to natures largest classroom where 26000 ranch acres and the Prescott National Forest surround our campus. It is yours to explore. Comb Ash Creek for biology hike or ride Up Top for Horsemanship lead a debate in Government and dress up as a knight for your Chaucer feast and oral exam. Theres more to becoming a well rounded student than sitting in a classroom. At Orme students are engaged in learning in both traditional and unconventional environments. AP and other courses in the Orme curriculum will challenge you to work hard. One day youll find yourself in the dark room for photography class and the next day will find you across the hall tending to the Greenhouse for Biology. Youll spend study hall with fellow students in the Julia OBrien Wilcox Computer Learning Center researching William Faulkner for your English paper. Youll find yourself in the campus library studying for your Latin Language exam or Math competitions. Youll spend hours in the College Counseling office researching colleges and universities to which you will apply. Orme life isnt a walk in the park but Orme teaches you how to work hard and appreciate the beauty that work and dedication can create. Faculty and staff really work to understand the students and help them when they need it. Laura Travis Orme Student 6 Excellence. Tradition. Character.