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Our Community Orme is more than a school. Orme is a distinctly western oasis where you can grow and thrive and your community will support you. As an Orme student you will be a part of a diverse tight-knit community of motivated scholars and leaders artists and musicians athletes equestrians and outdoor enthusiasts. Your mentors are sharp educators and staff who have a passion for what they do. With your talents and goals you and your classmates will enrich and teach each other. At Orme you will find yourself in the rodeo stands cheering for your classmates as they ride. You will meet with your AP English classmates in Ormes original adobe one room schoolhouse discussing the reading so intently you lose track of time. You will find teachers and friends shouting from the sidelines for your basketball team. Your advisee group will spend Sunday evening at your advisors house making sundaes and catching up after a hectic week. After dinner you will hike up Big Mesa with some friends. Miles of striking high desert vistas stretch as far as you can see. Jackrabbits dash into the cover of sagebrush at the stillness of twilight. This is your home a place rich in western heritage a strong work ethic and a sense of curiosity and adventure. 4 Excellence. Tradition. Character.