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The Orme School was born out of a need to provide a rigorous education with the grand landscape of the West serving as both home and inspiration. Our founding family has a tradition of vision and action from seeding and lobbying for the idea with President Theodore Roosevelt for the Roosevelt Dam the first reclamation project in the United States to founding The Orme School in the center of Arizona on tens of thousands of acres of ranch land and wilderness. Long-time residents of Phoenix the Orme Family moved to the remote Quarter Circle V-Bar Ranch in 1929. Faced with the challenge of providing an education for their three children while operating a ranch remote from any nearby community Charles and Minna Orme both Stanford University graduates arranged for the opening of a county accommodation grammar school. The number of students grew as friends in various parts of the country became interested in having their children share in the wholesome environment and rigorous college preparatory course of study. The late 1940s and 1950s represented a developmental period for Orme. As Founding Headmaster Charles H. Orme Jr. directed the physical plant design and construction of the 300-acre campus amidst the 26000-acre working cattle ranch and farm. In 1952 the School graduated its first high school class and affirmed its objective of establishing a high-quality independent secondary school. Today Orme students enjoy the scholastic rigor that is our schools tradition while also being a student of the western ranching lifestyle and tradition. Every year at commencement the graduating class joins the ranks of Orme alumni who for generations have pursued their college aspirations and become strong active citizen leaders in their community and the world. HERITAGE TRADITION The Orme School is distinct as a pioneering educational institution. It is one of the very few western independent schools of high academic standing whose origins are entirely in Arizona and the West. For more than 85 years The Orme School has remained committed to our founding familys traditional educational values of community responsibility leadership competition and academics. 1