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16 Excellence. Tradition. Character. Orme is Outdoors Be prepared for anything when you arriveeach day is an adventure. The Orme campus occupies half a square mile 125 hectares near the geographic center of Arizona. It has tall trees green lawns flowery gardens and uncluttered vistas of distant mesas and mountains. Hundreds of square miles of the Prescott National Forest border Orme you can walk mountain bike or horseback ride for hours in any direction. Our elevation of 4000 feet 1200 meters above sea level makes for an ideal climate with just a bit of snow in the winter and without the intense heat of the lowland deserts of southern Arizona during the summer months. Adventure awaits right outside your dorm room. Orme is located in some of the most beautiful terrain in the United States and you will be in the middle of it all. The Grand Canyon Sedona Flagstaff Tucson the Colorado River and the Mogollan Rim. Challenge yourself Take part in our Fall or Spring Caravan to different adventure destinations around the Southwest and do things you never thought you could do in remote magnificent places. You will learn self-reliance cooperation respect and tolerance through personal discovery and direct experience. Closeness to wild living things trees grasslands birds and animals nurtures in those who live in the spacious lands a sense of wonder sensitivity to beauty a reverence for life and creation. Charles H. Orme Jr.