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Residential Life Life at Orme provides positive and healthy choices within a framework that has proven successful since 1929. At the semiformal sit down dinner in Founders Hall you enjoy a garden-to-table dinner made from vegetables raised on campus locally-farmed ingredients and locally-ranched meats. You admire your classmates who normally dress casually during the day in sport coats and ties dresses and skirts and enjoy a meal with the history teacher and his family at your table. Everyone chats about the day. Someone watched the baby horse take its first steps and someone else just found out she was accepted into her first choice college. After dinner study hall starts in the library and you walk over with your friends. One of the English teachers supervises and you get some tips from her on outlining your history paper. You hurry back to the dorm because your dorm parents baked a cake during study hall for your neighbors birthday. The whole dorm is there to celebrate. Your roommate asks about weekend plans. Should you go on the Scottsdale mall movie trip or maybe do some hiking in Sedona When you have free time at Orme you head to the ski slopes of the Arizona Snow Bowl or travel to Phoenix to shop catch a game a play or a concert. You may choose to stay on campus where you can hike up Little Mesa and watch the sun set mountain bike play pool in the Commons and catch a movie put on by Residential Life. At Orme you live a truly western lifestyle that combines the best of both indoor and outdoor recreation. Being part of the Orme Community is to be a part of something biggerto try my best and support my school. To be at home. Ryan Jones Orme Student 1.25 Hr. Drive time from Phoenix 13