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An International Experience The many flags hanging in the rafters of Founders Dining Hall tell a story each school year. They proudly reveal the many countries around the globe from where our students hail. Orme is an international school that prepares its students for a global futurewhere diversity is common and celebrated. If you are coming from another country and you are still learning the English language this is a place that offers you the tools you need to strengthen your English proficiency. At Orme you will receive exceptional individualized attention and lots of TOEFL prep work. You will have a chance to try new thingsat Orme you can be a leader you can be involved. The goal of the ESL Program at Orme is to integrate ESL students into the School community to the fullest extent possible. Your roommate will be another international student who speaks a different language or an American student. Participate in the International Club Enjoy Carnival International Food Night The Harvest Moon Festival and Chinese New Year Teach your new friends about your culture try something new. I love being able to get to know so many people from different parts of the country or world who have unique backgrounds personalities and ideas. I love being able to be who you are. Leonie Mayer Orme Student Dinslaken Germany 13 Number of Countries represented Orme is a nearly perfect environment for learning English. Joan Jones ESL Instructor 12 Excellence. Tradition. Character.