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Some of my fondest memories have been of game trips and practices. Sports have been a way to express myself and I would not trade playing sports at Orme for anything. Margaret Hernandez Orme Student Athletics and Activities Your day doesnt end when classes are over. Orme students choose an after-school activity that speaks to their interest. Each Orme student may choose from an array of activities such as mountain biking hiking weight lifting soccer football cross-country running and basketball. Plant seeds and then enjoy the bounty from our Community Garden or rehearse for a play in the Horsecollar Theater. There are so many options that some students try a different activity every semester while others dedicate their entire time at Orme to horsemanship or tri-varsity athletics. As our founder believed learning is as much taking care of your mind as it is taking care of your body and spiritso get ready to explore bike or gallop at Orme. Whether as an individual or as part of a team you will thrive here at Orme. Working as a team whether in sports drama the garden or elsewhere on campus builds character hard work passion and dedication. Isaac Arriaga Orme Student 2013 Year Orme won State Football championship 8 Excellence. Tradition. Character.