b'Willie Lin 99 Robert Porter Gordon Trautschold (Former Staff) IN MEMORIAMDavid Lindberg Richard Powell (Former Faculty) Robert TwynamCandace Lindskog (Camp, Former Faculty) Joseph and Solvieg RafterySteven VergaraGary and Alison 73 Lingel Peter (Camp, Trustee Emeritus) and Ann Rathwell Fernardo Villegas-AvilezPeter Lorber (Trustee Emeritus) Raven Raven Roxanne VittKathleen Love B. Christian Reade (Former Faculty) Katherine Voit Loungarikis 89Tracy Lucast Richard Reinard, Jr. Peter vonStorch (Former Faculty) ANNA PARKER - FORMER NURSE- 102 YEARS YOUNGRoys Mansur 65 Marghaerita Reisner Stephen Waller 67 A limb has fallen from the family tree. I keep hearing a voice that R. Candice Marcotti 95 John Rensenhouse 73 Babetta Walsh 59Luis Maria Frank and Betsy 72 Reuss Elizabeth Warren 73 says, Grieve not for me. Remember the best times, the laughter, Fred 69 and Mary Ann Markham Kimberly Revere Rachel Whisenand the song. The good life I lived while I was strong. Continue my her-Patricia Marrs (Former Staff) Ilcen Reyes (Faculty) Richard WhitneyRobert and Mary Marshall Lisa Rhodes Elizabeth Wiley 86 itage, Im counting on you. Keep smiling and surely the sun will shine Lynne Martin John and Marilyn Rice James and Barbara Willey through. My mind is at ease, my soul is at rest. Remembering all, Jefrey Matthews Scott A. Roberts Wyatt Williams 82Wayne Maxwell Jack and Olga Rodstrom Julia Wills how I truly was blessed. Continue traditions, no matter how small. Tracy Maxwell 75 Glendalyne Roma Robert Wilmeth Jr. 81 Go on with your life, dont worry about falls. I miss you all dearly, so Maizie McCabe 19 J. Stuart (Camp, Former Faculty) and JulieNancy Wood 59Kenadee McDonald 19Rosebrook (Former Faculty) Miles Wood 72 keep up your chin. Until the day comes were together again.Michael McKee (Former Staff) Jeb 53 (Trustee Emeritus) and Dorothy Rosebrook Keith 82 and Molly WoodsKate McLaughlin (Staff) Cheryl Roseland 74 John and Marilyn WoolfDennis and Stacie McLaughlin Paul Rowe 65 Yee YipShannon McNeely 65 Francisco Ruiz Derek YoungBuzz Meeks Patrick Rusell Juan and Elodia Zabalza (Staff) LASHAWNDA BROWN 05David Mercadante Marybelle Rusell 36 Phillip and JoAnne 60 ZschokkeGary (Camp) and Toni Miller Juanita Saft Joseph Zubek Hello Orme. My name is Charles Brown, and my daughter Lashawn-Susan 75 and Jeffrey Modic Peter Sanborn The Benevity Community Impact Fund da Renee Brown attended your wonderful school several years back, Diane Monteil Mary Sandberg Bee Cause ProjectJames 72 and Angela MoonEmily Sandhu 92 Dell Matching Gifts Foundation 2001. I will contact the school but wanted to let your community Karyl Moore John Schmeltzer Boeing Community Foundation know that my baby, your Alum, passed away yesterday morning due Everett Moore Lara Schultz Steve Ford Music Mark 56 and Pamela Moore Janet Scovil Morgan Senior Foundation tocomplicationsfromcancerandthestrenuousschedulesand Paula Morris (Faculty) Eden and Jessica Sears (Staff) Slow Food Prescotttreatments it requires. I would like to thank the Orme Community for Lisa 91 and Jacob Mortell William Seltzer 70 Network for GoodGayle Mortenson Karl Siegfried (Former Faculty) all you have done for my baby and wish the best to all of you going Daniel Muchow James Sigmon GIFTS IN KIND forward. God Bless. Ann Mulchay (Camp, Former Trustee) Justine Singer Madeline BarberChristopher 89 and Kristin Murray Ann Sloane 56 John and Victoria (Staff) BostwickJudith 66 and Maurice Nadeau Monica Sorensen Dino and Pamela 77 (Trustee) CerchieSue Nauman T. Hank Sousa 69 David and Kathleen 75 (Trustee) Kirchner Peter and Wendy 67 NewcomerMichael and Elke Spandau Bob EichingerHan Gia Ngo 19 Paula Sperling 65 Tracen Gardner 86 ALBERTA DAVIS - FORMER STAFFAn Nguyen 19 Gary (Camp) and Linda Stellern Richard Hector, Sr. Alberta was born on December 13, 1927 and passed away on Sun-Ked Nilsen William Stern 72 Bev HoweyMichael and Barbara Normandin Ian Stine 94 Markus Hunt day, March 17, 2019. Alberta was a resident of Colorado Springs, Stephen Nunn (Camp) Chelsea Stone Ben Jordan Colorado at the time of passing. She was a graduate of Rochester Barbara Childs Off 75 and Samuel Off Sylvia Strobel (Faculty) Eli Whit Knight 69Kenneth and Marilyn Olsen William Stubblefield High School (1945), Rochester, IN and Ball State University (1950), Brigid OMalley 82 Peter 74 and Karen Sundlun Paula Morris (Staff)Mark Mumaw Muncie, IN with both a Bachelors and a Masters degree.Jose Pacheco Jacqueline Sweginnis Richard NikolevCharles Padelford 62 Jeff (Faculty) and Susan SwiggersBruce (Head of School) and Cathy Sanborn Steven Pankratz and Leah Welch (Former Stacey Tamulinas 69 Faculty) Akiko Tanaka All members of the Orme family are Anna Parker (Former Staff) Kathleen Tayler important to us. We have made every effort Sandy 67 and Elizabeth Payson Sarah-Michelle Tayler to ensure accuracy in our reporting andMarilyn 74 and Al Petrich Larry Taylorlistings. If there are any errors or omissions, Mai Vu Kieu Pham 19 Kimberly Telliard please accept our sincere apologies and Donna Phillips Dean and Leslie 74 Thomas contact us at give@ormeschool.org.James Phillips IV 79 Yodit Tilahun 19Cheyenne Planck Trang Uyen Thien Tran 19Karoly and Gabrielle 90 Porkolab Valerie Tran 1970 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 71'