b'A N N U A LF U N D2 0 1 8 - 2 0 1 9 Robert Riordan Christine Byrd (Camp) Steven Hall (Former Faculty)Thomas and Carol Rogers John Cabaud 70 Merodie Hancock 83Ken Rosen and Linda Matteotti Marc and Jessica (Staff) Calmes Jeanmarie HaneyThank you to all of the generous donors who made a contribution to The Orme School through the AnnualEvans and Roberta Rust Michael Campbell Marilee Harkinson 72Anita Salcito J.A Barton (Camp) and Madge Campbell Evan Harris (Former Faculty)Fund, Gifts in Kind, and Trustee Giving in the 2018-2019 school year. Ross (Staff) and Casey SannerDoug Casson (Staff) Cynthia Harwood 61Jeffrey Schalan Anne Castle Cari Haskin 81SILVER SPUR Paul and Joan Akers James and Barbara (Trustee Emeritus) Hennessy Hank 56 (Trustee Emeritus) and Suzanne SchwakeGail Chandler Jacqueline HathewayIbrahim Aksoy Ronald Hess Ward Senner David Charles Cynthia Hazeltine (Former Trustee)$10,000 AND ABOVE Stephen Arey (Former Trustee) Harold and Linda 65 Hills C. Edward and Margot Simpson Roger Chen William 71 and Kathy HeathAnonymousRand and Nancy Armstrong Allan Hilton 81 Karen Small Ted 60 and Kathleen CimralJames Hermann (Camp) and Nancy ChaneyAnonymous Jonathan Ash Dava Hoffman George and Lucy 61 Steers Judith Clapp Michael HerrimanElizabeth Atterbury 61 - The Tally Foundation Gregory Avery Kenneth Horvath Patricia Stroh Cathy Clevenger (Staff) Nancy Herrington 59 Harold Boeschenstein, Jr. John and Kathryn BamberlJerry Howell Daniel and Wendy Tajc Alyx Cohan Beth HirtTheodore and Marian 69 (Former Board Chair)Cindy Berman Linda Hughes 67 and Victor Hiklowicz Robert and Linda Talton Ruth Col 64 Terri Hocobian Craver Brian Betcher James Johnson Robert and Teri Taylor Jeffrey 72 and Margaret Colman Philip 65 and Judy Holland Kenneth and Roberta Eldred in Memory ofRobert and Joy 88 Biederman Emerson (Former Faculty) and Joan (Faculty) Jones Bruce (Former Trustee) and Patti Trahern Emily Conaway 79 Henry and NancyHopkins (Camp) Ron Eldred 60 Alexandra Blaney 05 Aram Kaprielian Robert and Diane 86 Travis Bob and Elizabeth Cook Todd (Former Headmaster) and Jane Horn Kenneth 62 (Trustee Emeritus) and Kathleen FaitScott Bloom Geraldine Keenan Jeffrey and Diana 71 Trent Catherine Cooper 19(Former Faculty)Jessup Family Fund Christina Brooks Lori Kelley Angelo Trujillo James Cooper Maria HorvatDavid and Kathleen 75 (Trustee) KirchnerKristen Butzow Gay Kinkade Joy Tyson Linda Cooper-Koltz Duncan Howard 59A. Kent 59 (Board Chair) and Stephanie Kuster Timothy and Jennifer Casey Edward and Barbara Knipp William Viliani William Cordasco 80 (Trustee Emeritus) Robert Hoxie 55Ralph L. Smith Foundation/Elizabeth Smith 71 Jeff Christman John and Mary Lu Koenig Lynne Walton 74 Cynthia 72 and Gerald Cox Marcus Hurlbut (Trustee Emeritus) Donna Clapp James Kohlmann Robert White Janet Crawley 73 Greg ImhoffBertram and Leigh 65 (Former Board Chair)James and Cheryl Clarkin Perry Koll 90 (Former Trustee) Brian 74 and Sherri Whitney Ben Davis (Former Faculty) Lori Jackson TuckeyAnn Cozad 65 Pandari Kubendran Bradford Williams Laurel Day (Staff) Linda JamesAllan 66 (Trustee Emeritus) and Laurie CraryAnne LaDow 76 Susan Williams Allen and Caroline 60 DeLaigle Jessica JamesTOP HAND Jerry Cunningham Roseanne Lapan Burnet (Trustee Emeritus) and Ann Wohlford Stefan Dicks 82 Amy Juare 93$5,000-$9,999 Cora Cushman Jim and Carol Lark Nancy Wolin Lawrence Dilucchio, Jr. 65 Leah JeffcoatNancy Davis Seth Larson Kathy Young Gaile Dixon Kristen JenningsDino and Pamela 77 (Trustee) Cerchie H. Wes (Camp) and Kathy DeCou Lauren Lessard Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe Stephen (Former Trustee) and Bev Docter (FormerJonathan and Julie 61 JeromeYuan-Long Cheng Gary Demers Lauren LoweFaculty) Andrew 84 and Andree JessupWarren 67 and Thera DickinsonGuy Demers and Eva Zuschke Lindsay LowryRobert Hagge, Jr. Charles 56 and Christina Dickinson Carol Luhman CARAVAN Alfred Donau 65 (Trustee Emeritus) Ray Jin 18Watts and Sally 64 (Trustee Emeritus) Humphrey William (Camp) and Mary Donehoo Lee 56 and Nancy Jockers DeRhoads Dolan Thomas Mace 65 (Trustee) and Nancy Krueger UP TO $999 William and Kelley Douglass (Faculty) Susan JohnsonFrancesca Kirkpatrick 80 Todd and Kristin (Staff) DurowLeslie and Virginia Mann Laurel Anderson Douglas and Theresa Drew (Camp) Paule Johnston 70Walton Marshall III 50 Thea Jensen-Engesser 64 and Tony Engesser Arthur (Trustee Emeritus) and Sandra Markham Heidi Anderson R. Kirk Dunbar 56 Donald and Andrea Kaiser (Camp)Paul 70 (Trustee Emeritus) and Shawn OrmeAdele Ensslin 73 Robert Markwardt Paul April Skyler Dunfey (Faculty) Michael Kane (Camp) (Former Staff) Joel Feinman Edwin and Joanie 88 Marticorena Ramon and Florencia Arriaga Mary Eagle 69 Narjis Karam 19Charles Orme IV 99 (Trustee) Nancy Fischer 57 Carol Martin Missy Avery Alice Fattaleh Abigiya Kassahun 19Neil Rifenbark (Camp, Trustee) John Flanagan 12 John and Suzanne Martinson Edgar Avila Winifred Fernandez 57 Kaylee Wohlenhaus 15Bruce (Head of School) and Cathy SanbornKaren Flores Elisabeth McClure Rosemary Badgatt Gregory Flanagan Ellen Kearsey Mayne 63Morris (Trustee) and Cathy Stein Bruce Foster 77 Susan MedendorpAlex Bahr 09 Jane Foxen Russell (Camp, Trustee Emeritus) and Carlotta KeelySusan Walton 76 EP Forum Sara Michael 64 Robert and Patricia 68 BarnumThomas 87 and Elizabeth Fraser Pamela (Camp) and Jack KellyTrent and Josie Franks Jon Miller Roxanne Batt Gay French-Ottaviani 68 and Lorenzo Ottaviani Kenneth and Janet KendallSTRAW BOSS Leslie Futral 85 Dan and Nita Morris Carol Baum 56 Darlene Frost Linda Kidsley (Camp, Trustee)Ken Gambill Richard Morrison Becky Baumert Joy Gabriel Donovan Kilby (Faculty)$2,500-$4,999 Michael (Former Headmaster) and Karen (Camp) J.Holmes (Trustee Emeritus) and Antoinette Morrison Catherine Beaumont 88 Gilberto Garcia John and Marian (Camp) KingBenjamin and Hilary AscaniGemma James Nafziger Monica Belknap Anthony Garcia 75 Wendy Kirkpatrick 71Jerome Drake 99 (Former Trustee) Lucy 74 and Mitch GilmourAndrew and Elizabeth Newton Mahelat Berhanu 19 Neil 71 and Janet Gillies Stanley Knowlton 37Elizabeth 71 and John Ellard Ryan Giolitto Richard and Kendra Noone Britta Bloomberg 73 (Trustee) John Goode Henry Kuechler 82Elizabeth Gilbert Jeffrey 63 and Linda Gloss Roseanne Oliver Ron and Pam Boufford Ann Goodman George and Diana KurlakDorothy Roberts Thomas and Sheryl Goodspeed (Faculty) Paula Olson Bruce and Kathy Boyles (Staff) Jenifer Grant 50 Douglas Laney (Camp) and Judy RatliffFred and Wendy Salter 65 Bruce Grant and Gigi Schneppat 79 William Otwell and Janet Markham 69 Patricia Bradley (Camp) Wendy Gray Dianne Lawson (Camp)William Gray Todd Oulton James Brewster Jessica Greene 81 Christopher 76 and Susan Ledgerwood OLD ADOBE Esther Greenwald Susan Panetta 78 William (Camper) and Elizabeth BrooksDave 54 and Janice Griffith JoNan 69 (Former Faculty) and Robert LeRoy$1,000-$2,499 Michael 54 (Trustee Emeritus) and Hazel Nick and Sarah Paslidis Bill 60 and Cathie Brown Jeff 56 and Judy Griffiths Autumn LeslieAnonymous HannaTaylor 65 (Trustee Emeritus) and Susan Payson Richard Buhler 62 John Grossman and Kathleen Olmsted Gloria LewineRichard Ach and Carey Behel Myron Hansen Jane Phillips 66 Larry and DeEtta Burgess (Former Faculty) Fred and Lita (Camp) Haack Bryan Lewis 88David and Marilyn Aden Ann Nelson Harrington 62 (Former Faculty) H. Kirk Pischel 73 Robert Buzzard Darwin Hacobian Orme and Elizabeth Lewis (Camp)Robert and Laurie Haskett Leslie Quenichet68 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 69'