b'C L A S SN O T E S spring 2020 (incredible research!).Hap- myriad of positive ways. If any of youFlorida and Canada.pily retired in York, PA, I continue to au- hear of individuals who have risked theirMary Hopkins Eagle joined us for our thor childrens books, lead creative writ- lives for others, PLEASE draw their cas- reunion and it was so good to see her ing workshops, and serve as anes to my attention and we will considerafter all these years.She has a beauti-educational consultant to variousthem for this highest of awards for hero- ful farm!schools and colleges. ism.Looking forward to my 55th re- Chris Hart teaches in Bellingham, 1961 dam in the Spring of 18, timing it justunion June 20!Photo is with sonWashington.He and Diane live there Cynthia Harwood right for the tulips. Then we remodeledRoys Mansur James in Lucerne, Switzerland. with their daughters and grandchildren.The idea of not working too strenuouslyour bathroom to make it more accessi- I am alive and doing well.I live in CampMarilyn Hite joined us for our reunion is beginning to appeal to me, and so Iblea good thing since I, as of thisVerde, AZ and still have horses.MostlyLeigh Tuckey and came up with the idea that our have been devoting more time to visitingApril, have two new hips. Alls well. AndClass of 65 Mini Reunion racehorses and retirees here in AZ, and IIt has been a quiet year!!We were fortu- class should give a gift to the school.all 7 kids, 4 grandkids, and (at last count)while I wont see 60 again, I look forwardschool and so many who shared uniquealso have a couple of mares and foals innate to be able to spend a lot of timeAnd every Half Century Club could do 9 grand dogs. Spending time with familyto seeing many of you at our 60thand wonderful memories of their OrmeKentucky. with our grandchildren this summer. the same.So, were starting with the and old Orme friends such as Lucy Birchreunion. experiences, as well as learning of allThey are growing too fast!!Two of themrestoration of the old adobe classroom Steers + George and Charlie Padelford isthat Orme has to offer today! Its trulyGeorge Thomas are 16 and the third one is 14!!I contin- as our gift! so much fun! still an amazing and enriching educa- My wife Pat Thomas passed away Julyue to volunteer for several localAnn Breyfogle Johnson lives in Illinois tional opportunity for those who are for- 1, 2019 after 47 years of marriage fromnon-profit organizations.But I wouldand sends her best wishes.Norm Seeleytunate enough to attend either school ora long-termneurological condition.rather be quilting!!Which I do wheneverEd Jordan lives in Ecuador with his wife A short note to let you know that Karencamp!! Lots of good things happeningGreetings to all Class of 65ers, hope toI have spare time!Looking forward toand children.We saw him in July and passed away on December 24th, the re- here!! Check it out if you are in the areasee you all at the upcoming 55th re- our 55th Class Reunion, May 2931st,he is doing very well.It was so good to sults of Stage Four Cancer.She passedall are welcome to visit! In the meantime,union. Save the date, please! 2020!! Take Care!! see him there!away here in our house with me and herplease send updates and photos aboutWhit Knight just moved from Prescott father close to her as she took an easywhat is happening in your lives, and I willLinda Thorell HillsMary Stobie to Virginia to be near his family.last breath. Karen is missed very much.pass them along to the school for a fu- My 3 beautiful children continue to blessOn Mothers Day weekend, Dick and IToodie Fleury LeRoy lives in St. George, A service was held for her at Graceture Bulletin. We do want to hear frommy life in abundant ways. All 3 are em- moved to 1604 16th Place, Longmont,Utah and drove down to see us in her Chapel here in Scottsdale and severalLucy Steers you!!! Wishing you everything good, and Iployed in aerospace - Louise and JamesColorado 80501 in Boulder County. I amlittle motorhome.hundred people came to wish her wellThis year has been notable for a won- hope to see you soon. XOXOat Lockheed in Denver, and Scott depart- still writing and storytelling. PleaseFred Markham is a physician and lives on her journey to Heaven. Karen was aderful winter/spring at our home in Bor- ing Boeing after 15 years for a movecheck out my new website www.marys- here in Prescott with his wife MaryAnn.Wonderful Friend and I was Blessed torego Springs.We were treated to anoth- from L.A. to Denver with wife Michelletobie.com. Classmates come visit. 303- He has three adult children and four be with her for 20 years. Hope you areer Superbloom (riotous display of desertwho is expecting my first grandchild in589-7154. grandchildren.well!! wildflowers) and many visitors.TheseJanuary!! He just accepted a job withI live in Prescott with my husband, Bill included much valued Orme roommateBall Aerospace and is very excited aboutOtwell.I take care of my mother, my Phyllis Harris Middletonand long-time friend Cindy Harwood,this opportunity.I am well after a righthorses, my gardens and family.We Live in Ajijic, Mxico Charlie Padelford (Class of 62), and Kar- hip replacement 2 years ago andhave two sons, Fletcher and Max who Email: Middletonph@gmail.com en BEISAL Farkas, fellow Orme counsel- breast cancer caught early 1 yearsboth attended Orme.or and Vassar friend.Flowers, friends,ago. Travel continues to enrich our livesNance McManus lives in New Mexico warm sunshinewhats not to like? - Africa with all the kids November 18,and is a very talented artist and superb Looking forward to seeing classmates atSwitzerland/Italy with James May 19horse woman.our 60th reunion!! for a special conference on philanthropyWendy Page is retired and lives in Eure-1965 and heroism in Bern, visits to family inka, California.Tony FredericksSweden and Scotland August 19. Gar- Gib Parrish is a semi retired physician dening is still my ultimate passion! Final- 1969 who now lives with his wife in Maine.We were able to get all three grandkidsly, 12 years ago I was invited to serve onFrom newly elected Class Rep JanetChan Peterson lives in San Antonio and (Lara, Isabelle, Amelia) together for athe board of the Carnegie Hero FundMarkham: is also retired from the financial world.wonderful week in Colorado this pastCommission which awards civilians whoCarolyn Monks Aiken and her husbandMina Judd Rippetoe very much wanted summer.My latest adult nonfiction bookrisk their lives to save their fellow man.and three handsome sons.They lookto attend our reunion, but moved right - Fizzle: The Hidden Forces That CrushThis has been one of the greatest hon- great. at that time and couldnt come.She Our Creativity - will be published in earlyors of my life! It has given me so manyLucky Anderson is also well, living insends her best.wonderful opportunities to meet amaz- Minnesota. Tenny (John) Sener came all the way Julie Jeromeing people and to give of myself in aGeorge Ball is in charge of Burpeefrom Maryland to join us for our reunion Its been a long time since 1961! ButSeeds!We got to see him at Fordhookand it was such a good surprise to see weve had an exciting two years (theFarm in Pennsylvania and we were sohim after all these years.impressed with what hes done! Carolyn Sleeth Wentz lives in Oklaho-note I sent last year didnt make the Bul- 1964 Marian Huntington Craver has a beau- ma and raises and trains race horses.letin so Im including notes from bothRuth Coltiful family and sends her best wishesHank Sousa joined us for Reunion from years.) Last year our daughter and herTo our Class of 64 classmates, youto everyone.Check out the articlePalo Alto, California where he is retired family moved to Palo Alto for 6 monthswere MISSED at our 55th Reunion if youabout her. from the travel industry.We can count (the adults were on sabbatical.) It waswere unable to attend, but Sarah, Barba- Bill Dean has had quite a full life livingon Hank to be supportive of Orme and great to have the grand kids close byra, Barney, and I (along with Scott Haus- and working all over the world in theits always a pleasure to see him.(Ishie and Sammie, pictured.) And Joner and his family) represented our classmining industry.He lives now betweenFred and I both spoke with Tony York and I and Jessica took a trip to Amster- well! We enjoyed reconnecting with the 64 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 65'