b'M E S S AG EF R O M T H EB OA R DC H A I RA s we enter into the ninth decade since Aunt Minna and Uncle Chicks arrival in the quiet valley along Ash Creek, we are be-ginning to plan the schools Centennial. After all, very few organizations last 100 years!In 1990, then Headmaster Todd Horn said, What makes The Orme School and Camp special and vital to the educational landscape in America today? Is it the magnificent Southwestern setting? Is it the close friendships which develop so easily? Is it the unique challenge and rewards of the Orme Experience? Or is it something very personal which involves a blend of all of the above and much more? I have come to appreciate the compelling blend of tranquility and intensity which makes Orme such an appealing place to learn and grow.My question is, can we keep this appealing place to learn and grow healthy and vibrant for the next decade until we can celebrate its Centennial together? Im planning on it! I hope you are all there to help. Kent Kuster 59Board Chair J O I NU SF O R R E U N I O NR O U N D - U P2 0 2 0M AY2 9-3 1All Classes and Campers are welcome!B O A R D O F T R U S T E E S Special celebrations for classes ending EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Treasurer in 5 and 0, with a special Half-Century Club Chairman of the Board Ms. Linda Kidsley Mrs. Kathleen Doyle Kirchner 75Mr. Kent Kuster 59 Westminster, CO Phoenix, AZ induction ceremony for the Class of 1970.La Canada, CASecretary Dr. Thomas Mace 651st Vice Chair Mr. Bruce Sanborn Menasha, WIMr. Neil RifenbarkNew River, AZ TRUSTEES: Mr. Charles H. Orme, IV 99 f or more information contactMs. Britta L. Bloomberg 73 Tempe, AZSt. Louis Park, MN alumni @ ormeschool . orgMs. Pam Hilton Cerchie 77 Mr. Morris A. SteinMesa, AZ Phoenix, AZ62 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019'