b'T H EP O W E RO F1 0 0 F R O M G O O D T O G R E ATORME RANKED 17TH BEST BOARDING SCHOOL IN NATION!As Orme moves towards its 100 year birthday, we are pleased to launch the Centennial Campaign.Orme students and faculty are embodying Excellence, Tradition and Character.Y ou will read more about thisEXCELLENCE IN ADMISSIONS Accomplishments and Highlightsopportunity to secure Ormes next 100 years in the following pages. Expanding on the successes of the last five years, the Centennial Cam- Achieving Full EnrollmentOpening Day Student Count: 2014-2015 (55), 2015-2016 (75), 2016-2017 (110), 2017-2018 (125), 2018-2019 paigns purpose is to create a pathway(135), 2019-2020 (140).for giving that preserves donor legacyDiversified Student BodyFrom 2013-2014 with 6 countries, 5 states and 1 Native American Tribe to 2019-2020 with 18 countries, 13 and secures the financial stability of thestates and 2 Native American Tribes; 30% from Arizona thanks to Orme Primavera!school.EXCELLENCE IN CAMPUS PROGRAMMINGWe are fortunate to have the support ofBalanced Traditional and Progressive EducationFrom rigorous AP classes to project-based learning, students experience the best of many long-time donors who haveboth in our STEM and Humanities curricula. helped us get to this critical juncture.Recognized as a Global Leader in SustainabilityEvery student learns how to make the world more sustainable through daily environ-Orme would certainly not be here with- mentally-conscious practices. Established a new partnership with ASU where Orme students can receive college credits. out their support and guidance. If youElevated and Completed 51st Fine Arts FestivalThe Dot Lewis Arts Center was also recently established, and Orme has expanded its walk onto our campus today, the resultFine Arts course offerings to include Advanced Placement classes. of these individuals generosity and hardReinvigorated Chores and CaravanStudents participate in daily Chores, building community responsibility. Fall and spring Caravans work can be seen among the global stu- throughout the Southwest provide outdoor adventures, cultural experiences and leadership opportunities similar to those in the past. dent body, their dedicated faculty, andStrengthened Athletics and ActivitiesOrme Warriors brought home individual State Championships in cross-country, swimming and the incredible work that they collectivelytrack & field, and our sports teams were among the Top 5 in the State in basketball and soccer. Re-established baseball and softball are accomplishing.teams, both of which finished with winning records in 2019. Horsemanship team members competed throughout the state bringing home There are many ways that you can jointhem in making a long-lasting impact onpaign, I urge you to listen to your heart.an individual State Championship and Top 5 finishes in barrel racing.Orme. The Centennial Campaign offersIn what ways did Orme make you whoEXCELLENCE IN COLLEGE COUNSELING several options and avenues to secureyou are today? How can your gift helpCareer CounselingEstablished a new partnership with Career Vision and The Ball Foundation. All students take this in-depth aptitude the long-term success of Orme. Whetherensure that the next generations havetest that assists them in future college and career searches. you choose to help future generationssimilar experiences?Improved Standardized Testing - There has been a dramatic increase in the SAT and ACT scores. SAT averages increased over 200 through a gift to the Scholarship Fund,This year, our Advancement Team willpoints to 1240 (2019) and ACT averages increased by over four points in each subject area. 108 Advanced Placement exams were issued or you make a large one-time giftbe on the road from coast to coast shar- in 16 subject areas, up from 26 exams in 5 subject areas in 2014.through the planned giving of your es- ing more about the campaign with ourAcceptances and Scholarships to Top UniversitiesMIT, Cornell, NYU, Penn State, Wellesley, Purdue, University of Rochester, University of tate, you will be part of the legacy thatalumni, campers, families and friends.Denver, Embry Riddle, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Carleton, ASU, U of A, UC Davis, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz & Irvine and many propels Orme on its mission of becom- Whether you are a long-time Orme sup- more! ing the Best in the West. porter or this is your first gift, we wel- EXCELLENCE IN FISCAL MANAGEMENTOne of my favorite things about Orme iscome the chance to sit over coffee andEmbracing Advancement ModelThis has allowed our Annual Fund giving to average over $1.3 million during the last five years! The the close-knit community that our alum- share more about how you can have aPower of 100 Centennial Campaign launched in 2019.ni share. I have seen many examples ofmeaningful impact on Ormes future. IEstablished Financial StabilityAll debts paid off and Orme owns the school outright after having a heavy debt load for over a decade! friends of fifty years or more reconnect- invite you to call me at 207-607-3000Endowment RestorationIn full swing thanks to a recent leadership gift from Marian 69 and Ted Craver.ing at Reunions like they havent beenand learn how you can join the Power ofEXCELLENCE IN CAMPUS IMPROVEMENTSapart at all! I listen as campers who have100.Expanded Capital Improvements Including: The Founders Project, Elliott Dorm renovations, new Club 60 Pavilion and improvements to not been on campus in thirty years vivid- I look forward to continuing thethe new Dot Lewis Arts Center, The Mosher Math & Science Center, Julia OBrien Wilcox Computer Learning Center, Phillips Library, all ly recount their summers that were filledconversation with you! faculty residences and guest accommodations. And, through the generosity of recent giving: Flowerpot Dorm energy efficiency Pproject, with Buck Hart, horses, and Caravans.Keating Dorm painting and repairs, Chapel Bell restoration, Class of 1969 Adobe Classroom restoration and more.Orme has a special way of remaining in ones heart for a lifetime. Ross Sanner The Orme School would not be what and where we are today without you!As you think about ways in which youAssociate Head of Schoolcan contribute to the Centennial Cam- Director of Advancement6 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 7'