b'FACES OF ORMEN E I L R I F E N B A R K &from the 1960s) said he was on the Board and asked would I be interested. I jumped at the chance to help one of my L I N D AYA N CYK I D S L E Y favorite places in the world.What do you hope to accomplish during your time as a Board member?Neil: I would like to assist in making de-A few years ago, we received a call in the Alumni Office from Neil Rifenbark, a former camper who was in- cisions and taking actions that will en-quiring as to whether or not Orme campers could attend the annual Reunion Round-Up. The answer was.yes!sure that The Orme School remains a Fast forward almost 5 years later and Neil and his fellow camper, Linda Yancy Kidsley, not only attended thatstrong, well regarded, college preparato-ry school for years to come.The school Reunion, but both found a renewed passion for Orme and are now serving on the Board of Trustees. Neil ishas recently taken some small, but sig-married and has three grown children. He currently lives in New River, AZ. He is a recently retired lawyer whonificant steps in forming an academic graduated from Stanford University and Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. partnership with Arizona State Universi-Linda has three children and four grandchildren. They all live near Denver, CO. After growing up in Scarsdale,ty.This partnership has the potential to NY and attending Connecticut College, Linda traveled the US and the world with her family. She even hadbenefit both our students and those of ASU.Our Board will want to nurture the opportunity to live in England for six years! She is currently working for her youngest child in the oil andthis relationship, and see that rela-gas industry.tionship grow over the next few years and into the future. Buck Hart What is your favorite camp memory? drea, Sports Week, and especially theLinda: I hope to make a differ- and Neil: My original connection with OrmeCaravans.My favorite camp memoryence to help Orme grow so thatNeilwas as a summer camper and juniorthough revolves around the communityothers may love it as much as I do.counselor.I attended one of Al Hiltonsthat comprised Ormethe people.wonderful slide shows about OrmeOrme is a very special place. What advice do you have for campers Summer Camp and was enthusiastic toLinda: I was a camper in 1962, Juniortoday?go.I think I was 10 years old my firstCounselor in 1964 and 1965, and FullNeil: Treasure your time at Orme.It is summer (late 1950s) and attended the 6Counselor in 1966.I had been begginglikely that you will look back on it with my parents to take me to a dudewarmth and nostalgia, as do so many ranch, but as they had just had 2other campers from times past.more little children, they saidLinda: I have always said that being at Neilthey would send me to aOrme was one of the best things I ever Rifenbark ranch camp for one sum- did and I knew it while I was there. I mer.Mom searched the Newdidnt have to look back years later and York Times camp section andremember how great it was.Make the found Orme.She called and foundmost of every opportunity you are given out that one of our friends (Pamand pass it along to others.McIntyre) was on the list. MyLeigh and first flight I was all alone, butLindasoon made great friends.I never looked back!The next year, I came back on my own using my earnings as aWhat inspired you to become more counselor to pay for air fare.My favoriteinvolved and join the Board?memory was drill team.I was happy toNeil: I attended an Orme Reunion Week-be chosen and it meant that I got to rideend with some old friends of mine andm a k e t h e m o s t o f e v e r y o p p o r t u n i t y yo uwith the best riders.We did squareright then and there decided that I want-week summer camp and 2 week Cara- dancing and lots of drills, all on horse- ed to give back to Orme in a meaningfula r e g i v e n a n d pa s s i t a l o n g t o o t h e r s .back.At the end of each show, weway.I thought that I could do that by vans every year through the summer be- formed the Quarter Circle V Bar and Ibeing a member of the Board of Trust-fore I started college (1965). I onlywas in the center of the bar carrying theees and participating in Ormes presentLinda Yancy Kidsleymissed one summer.I loved riding,Orme flag. So much fun! Also loved packand future.gymkhana, rodeo, the Pack Trips to Dan- trips to Dandrea Ranch and Caravan. Linda: Neil (another drill team member 56 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 57'