b'FACES OF ORMEA U S T I N H U D S O NTell us about yourself and family.Director while still working on my Bach- What are some of your favorite things I was born and raised in Camp Verde,elors degree. about working at Orme? just about 30 minutes away from Orme.During the same time, I got engaged toMy favorite thing about Orme is the di-My dad is a construction worker and mymy beautiful wife Donnie, and we madeversity of our faculty, staff, and student mom is a school secretary. I grew up inthe decision to come to Orme shortlybody. I love the fact that I get to coach a humble household, and my parentsthereafter. The community here has em- kids from Turkey, China, Ethiopia et cet-worked extremely hard to give my broth- braced us over the last two years, andera, and I love the shared culture that er and me opportunities they were notwe are so grateful we made the decisiondevelops here as a result of our com-afforded. Because of their sacrifices, Ito join the Orme family. mon experience. i a m a l l a b o u t l e a d i n g b y e x a m p l e a n dt r y i n g t o f i n d w ay s t o g e t b e t t e r e v e r yd ay . i w a n t t o s h o w o u r k i d s t h at ims t i l l w i l l i n g t o l e a r n . i w a n t t o l e a r nf r o m t h e m a n d w o r k t o g e t h e r t o b e t h eb e s t w e c a n . off the court and field. I truly believe thatthat coin, a player could lack skill, but ifence delayed gratification and learn to is what propels us to be successful firsthe or she is extremely tough, resilienttruly embrace the process of becoming and foremost. Developing accountable,and dedicated to the process of im- great.was able to become a first-generationWhat drew you to Orme? transparent relationships has been soprovement, they will always give them-college graduate from Northern ArizonaI had the privilege of play- essential for us to have unified, success- selves a chance to succeed in the longWhat are you most looking forward to University in 2015.ing for, and working underful teams. run. during the 2019-20 school year?My parents never really pushed me tosome fantastic coaches and mentorsWe live in an instant gratification society,I am all about leading by example and play sports, but I fell in love with basket- who made me who I am today. UsingYou work with a variety of studentsWhat are some of the traits you look forand most young athletes are totally ob- trying to find ways to get better every ball at a young age. I played football andwhat I learned from them, I wanted myfrom around the world who have a vary- or admire in student athletes?sessed with results. We have to breakday. I want to show our kids that Im still ran track in high school, and I was fortu- own chance to build a successful athlet- ing degree of athletic ability. How doToughness, resilience, consistency. If Ithem of that thinking, teach them to givewilling to learn. I want to learn from nate enough to play college basketballic program that prioritizes character val- you get them to come together ashad to boil it down to just a few things,up the end result, and just focus on do- them and work together to be the best for a season at Yavapai College. Whenues. I knew about The Orme Schoolsteams that have been pretty success- those would be it. I value toughness overing the right things consistently. In mywe can. State Championships and col-my playing career did not pan out, I de- long-standing tradition of excellence ac- ful?skill. A player could have all the skill inopinion, developing the discipline tolege scholarships aside, I am really cided to get into coaching basketball al- ademically and athletically, and I knew itAt our boarding school, we have thethe world, but if he or she is not toughcomplete consistent detail-orientedproud of the culture we are developing most immediately. Prior to coming towas something I wanted to be a part ofunique advantage that our players andand resilient, then he or she will never bework without immediate reward is one ofhere, but we have to continue to focus Orme, I was working as a high schoolfor years to come. coaches live together. We are able to pri- successful because they will give upthe most important things a young per- on the daily details if we want to keep basketball coach and Assistant Athleticoritize building meaningful relationshipsduring adversity. On the opposite side ofson can learn. I want our kids to experi- thriving.52 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 53'