b'FACES OF ORMEC A T C O O P E RTell us about yourself.Looking back over the last few years,How was Orme different than your pre-I grew up in Austin, Texas and movedwhat did you enjoy most here at Orme?vious school?out to San Diego the summer before myWhat will you miss the most as you goOrme had much smaller classes, closer senior year. I have a sister who is 8 yearson to college? student/teacher relationships, and a older than me. I went to Stony PointI am so very grateful for the friendshipsgreater sense of community than my High School in the north suburbs of Aus- Ive made at Orme. Although that isformer school had. tin before I came to Orme. I am going tocorny, it is still true. Being able to meetBeing on a first name basis with teach-ASU to study Business. people from all over the world is such aers opened up the door to having these cool thing that most teenagers do notbrilliant individuals as more than just How did you find Orme? What did youget to experience. I will miss how easy ityour educator, but also as your mentor think the first time you drove onto cam- was to spend time with all of my friends.and advisor.pus? Although college has similarities with I found Orme because of my cousin. Shethe proximity you have with your peers,What advice would you give to students attended Orme when she was in highits just easier to make those connec- just starting here at Orme this fall?school. After a car accident that left metions with people at Orme. Take your academics seriously, but also needing extra accomodations for a brainbe sure to make time for yourself. injury, my family and I decided it wouldIf you could go back in time and wereWhether that means staying in to clean be a good idea to join a smaller commu- beginning your time at Orme againand watch corny rom-com movies with nity that would provide more benefitswhat advice would you give yourself? your roommate, or hanging out with a than what a high school of 4,000+ kidsIf I could go back in time to the begin- bunch of friends in Commons, allow could offer at that point in my life. Ivening of my Orme experience, I would tellyourself to have fun. Also dont try to always been close to cities, or was atmyself to branch out more and talk tosneak off campus with your friendsleast a short drive from the city scene.more people. I would try to spend timebecause you will get caught :)So when I first drove onto the dirt road, Iwith more people outside of my circle. I wasnt sure if Orme was the school forwould sit with different people at lunch me (it was). and not get so worked up over everysingle stressful class assignment. b e i n g o n a f i r s t n a m e b a s i s w i t ht e a c h e r s o p e n e d u p t h e d o o r t oh av i n g t h e s e b r i l l i a n t i n d i v i d u a l s a sm o r e t h a n j u s t yo u r e d u c at o r , b u ta l s o a s yo u r m e n t o r a n d a dv i s o r .48 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 49'