b'discovered when he reflected on his own family traditions. This young man saw how his passion for conservation and land use ethicsforged by the Orme landscapechanged the way open wild land would be cared for on nearly a mil-lion acres in Northern Arizona. The Character qualities that he devel-oped at Orme were about honesty, en-Meanwhile, his father had moved all thecalled him up out of the blue and invitedOrme School. thusiasm, confidence, responsibility, in-way to the other side of the country, andhim to lunch. He spoke to him in a wayAs he reflected on that lunch, that youngtegrity, respect, accountability, faith, took his three younger brothers withno one had in a very long time, not sinceman started to think of himself as aambition and hard work. And, above allcomplishments on this wonderful Com- ties that are individually you. Through him. While his friends were reunitinghe was at Orme. He told this young manleader. He chewed on that thought for aelse, the value of relationships.mencement day, take a few moments.tough times and good times, they will with their parents and family membersthat people were counting on him.while. He imagined himself not as beingThat Orme Essence, which the youngWrite down the Excellence, Tradition andhelp you remember: Who you are; on that special graduation day, seeingThat uncle said to him, This big familycontent at the entry levelat the bot- man had forgotten about for a littleCharacter that make up your Orme Es- all the Possibility and Greatness you the love and pride in their eyes, thebusiness is going to need a new leadertom rung of the organizational ladder while, made it possible for him to havesence, that which makes you you deephave inside; and that you have an im-smiles on their faces and celebratingone day, and you could find yourself asbut as someone who could stretch, real- an impact on his family, his community,down.portant place and an important role to fill this great accomplishment together, hepresident of this organization. To bely reach for the top. The very top, and behis state, his region and beyond. In hisIs it your respect for others that makesin the Universe. felt a bit hollow, a bit empty. president, youre going to need a collegethe leader. career, that young man has been hon- you such a great team member?What you do with that gift, that extraor-His parents were not in the audience. Heeducation. The thought was overwhelming. It tookored with national awards in WildlifeIs it your loyalty that makes you a trust- dinary gift, that Orme Essence, matters.would not be celebrating with them thathis breath away. It filled his stomachConservation and Land Management.ed and dependable friend?For me, Im always reminded, that life is day, or really ever. He would not be ex- with butterflies, and he liked it. It feltHe was inducted into the Arizona Hall ofIs it your faith that assures you thingsnever about things, its about relation-citedly sharing ideas about his futureexciting. It felt right.Fame and even appointed to the presti- will work out the way they are supposedships. And in the end, relationships are with them. And he would not be goingThat uncle spoke Possibility andgious Board of Trustees at The Ormeto?all there is.back to the childhood home he knewGreatness to this young man, as heSchool! Of course, youll find Orme Essence hereSo, soon, I encourage you to look at that after Commencement. remembered so many others hadThat young man is not so young any- in abundance. But youll be reminded ofnebula - remember? That Great Nebula This quiet, introspective young man feltdone for him at Orme. His uncle sawmore, but he continues to strive to putit everywhere in wonderful examplesin Orions Belt in the night sky? Think of the weight of the unknown, and the in- in him Orme Essence. It stirred some- forth that Orme Essence in everything hedemonstrated in teachers, firefighters,all those developing stars that have ev-evitable transition from life in the Ormething deep in his soul. He was remind- doesconstantly reaching for Possibili- business professionals, flight atten- erything they need to shine bright, in that Community. There was so much uncer- ed of who he was, an Orme graduate,ty and Greatness.place re-tainty. He felt he had lost his foundation,someone in whom the wonderful peo- This young man thatserved his closest and strongest support. ple at Orme had poured the ingredi- Ive been telling youjust for He was accepted into a college, but hisents of Orme Essence: Excellence,about, well, he is sothem in heart wasnt into it. He didnt really evenTradition, Character. incredibly grateful tothe Uni-attend classes his first semester. HisTwo weeks later, that young man wasthe Orme Communi- verse. uncertain world had distracted himenrolled at Northern Arizona Universi- ty. And, he is speak- You, from his studies and his future. Thisty. Each semester, proud of his grades,ing to you right now.Class of Orme graduate failed his classes duringhe couldnt wait to call his uncle andMy message to you,2019, you the very first semester at college. All hereport the good news. is to find your Ormeare stars wanted was to go home. It felt like heToday, Im thrilled to tell you thatEssence, hold onto itin the was a ship at sea, being tossed by theyoung man is indeed president of thewith all your might,making. waves with no rudder to steer him, nolarge family business that his uncleeven tighter, whenYou are compass for direction. was talking about. When he called ontimes are tough. Lifemade up This young man went to his grandpar- that Orme Essence deep inside, it waswill challenge you,of Orme ents home in Flagstaff, Arizona and gotpowerful, and others felt it too. even surprise youEssence. a job in the family business at a lum- Throughout his career, governors and demand more than you think youdants, physicians, athletes, scientistsAnd no matter what life throws your way, beryard loading trucks and sweepingwho recognized his attention to Excel- can do like rappelling over a cliff atand family members at home. EveryREMEMBER:Who you are; Where you floors. At this point, he had decided thisThat young man left the meeting think- lencecalled on him to lead commit- Orme. People may misunderstand you.time you see people being their best andcome from;What youre made ofYour entry-level position was to be his desti- ing, Wow, someone truly believed in him.tees and do important work that wouldCircumstances could seem unfair. Anddoing amazing things, you will be wit- Excellence, Your Traditions, Your Char-ny. He didnt feel the need or expectationSomebody well-respected and success- shape Arizonas future. there will be times, when you feel uncer- nessing Orme Essence. acterand you will find your place in to stretch himself any further. He hadful had taken the time to remind him ofTradition revealed itself in a connectiontain, insecure, or a bit lost. So, take that list, put it somewhere safe,the Universe. Now, go out there and forgotten his Orme Essence. what he was made of, like so many won- to nature and land stewardship that heHow about this? Later, after you cele- and years from now pull it out and re- Shine! Then one day, a very successful unclederful people had done for him at Thefelt so strongly here at Orme and that hebrate all of your extraordinary Orme ac- read it. Really feel those character quali- Congratulations!46 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 47'