b'C O M M E N C E M E N Trappellingas clearly as Charlie Orme did at the off a cliff op- time, but I felt them deep down inside. I A D D R E S S2 0 1 9 portunityalso didnt know how important that rolledfoundation, that core, that Orme Essence aroundwould be throughout my life.again. AfterId like you all to take a moment and dig Your Orme Essence: Excellence, Tradition, Character thinkingdeep. Whats at your core? What is in about it foryour heart? If you lost everything. If you By William C. Billy Cordasco 80 so long, I re- woke up tomorrow and the world as you alized I wasknow it was completely different, what still appre- would you be left with? I suggest its hensive! Stillyour Orme Essence.a bit afraid.I want to share a story with you today But my feel- about a young man, an Orme graduate, ings of de- whose world had completely changed termination,not once, but several times throughout to Excellence, Tradition and Characterand faith were stronger. I had more trusthis life, and the first major shift for himall that is Orme.in the gear and the rope handlers, andhappened while he was at Orme. Orme has taught me many things, but Imore confidence in myself. This time, ICircumstances beyond his control had am most grateful for what it has instilleddid rappel over the cliff, and I could feelrocked him to his very core. It was at in me, the gift of Orme Essence, the in- the possibility, the trust, the confidencethose times that he had to go really deep gredients for Possibility and Greatness. in myself growing! inside himself, deeper than hed ever Interestingly, Orme Essence was first ar- Through this experience and many oth- gone before to remember: ticulated and defined in part by Charlieers, my Orme instructors were teachingWho he wasOrme. For example: me about these characteristics, theseAnd what he was made of;ingredients of Orme Essencehow toTo regain his strength andThe development of sound character,be at your best mentally and physicallyFind his path.G ood morning Orme School,on inside of me. I was certainly beamingto find Orions Belt in the night sky andstrong personality and inner resourceful- when nothing else will do. And how toThis young man had lost his mother to ness; push through the doubt, concerns andcancer while he was away at school. faculty members, distin- with pride to be receiving my diploma,look just below it. You will see a fuzzyPersonal growth in the qualities of sim- fear, and accom-guished guests, parents . . .and feeling so accomplished for suc- cloud of faint twinkling lights. That is theple honesty, truthfulness and integrity inplish goals that and Class of 2019! cessfully rising to the challenges of highGreat Nebula in Orion. Its a cosmicour everyday lives; may have seemed I am deeply humbled and gratefully hon- school, maybe just a little anxious aboutnursery where young stars are develop- A dedication to the development ofscary or uncon-ored to be here today. stepping out of the safe haven of theing, feeling their energy, gaining theirself-confidence and self-identity. querable at first. Orme is a wonderful and meaningfulOrme Communitywhat had been mystrength.You can think of Orme as aMaybe you, too, part of my heart, and I am so thankful,home and family for four years. star nursery, too. Those of you graduat- I had become aware of these traits thatcan think of a time and I feel so blessed for all of my experi- I also remember the precious dark skiesing here today have everything you needstrengthen and build sound character:when your Orme in-ences while attending Orme, and for theof Orme walking from the barnyard toto go out into the world and be stellarhonesty, integrity, the satisfaction thatstructors helped relationships that I continue to have withmy dorm room after study hall lookingindividuals. YOU have been developing,comes from hard work, and appreciatingyou stretch farther the Orme Community. up and seeing all those stars overheadlike those young stars, in that nebula.nature. Orme taught me how to reach than you had be-Nearly 40 years ago, I was sitting wherefor as far as I could see. appreciatingYOU have been absorbing all the ele- to really stretchfor Possibility andfore, for a chance you are today, reflecting on all that Ormethe immenseness of it all the mysteriesments that will make you shine.Greatness. at Possibility and had meant to me: the excellent educa- and wonders of the universe. Graduates, after your experience here atIm reminded of an opportunity to rappelGreatness.tion, sporting activities, Caravan, FineDo you know, nearly 80 percent of theOrme, I want you to consider yourselvesoff a cliff on one of our Orme School FallAll of these charac-Arts Festival, Fall Outing weekends andpeople in this country cant see the Milkyas having all the ingredients you need,Outings. The thought of being suspend- teristicsself-con-many other special timeslike the light- Way from where they live because of thefor possibility and greatness just likeed in the air, dangling from a harnessfidence, faith, re-ing of the Candle Star in the Chapel atlights from our big cities?I believe ourthose stars forming above you.and ropes, high above solid ground wassourcefulness, Christmas with each one of us lightingdark night skies inspire us, spark ourLets call these ingredients Orme Es- just too much for me. I saw everyonehardwork, honesty our own individual candleand theimagination, offer a window into the uni- sence. else doing it, but I could not understandand trust - they amazing natural beauty all around.verse AND our place in it.I think of the many, many great leaders,what was holding me back. I opted out.were developed in There is nothing like an Orme SchoolThe three stars that make up Orions Beltpeople who have had close ties to TheAnd that frustrated me. For a YEAR! I feltme, here at Orme. I sunset. are especially bright out here. I encour- Orme School. They have been inspired,like I let my instructors down. But worse,may not have been I remember the mix of emotions goingage you some evening in the near future,shaped and enriched by paying attentionI let myself down. The next year, thatable to state them 44 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 45'