b'FACES OF ORMEE R I KP L AY E&K E L LYB U L LOrmes College Counselor, Erik Playe and his wife, Director of Sustainability Studies, Kelly Bull, came to Orme during the summer of 2018. Kelly grew up in Georgia and studied horticulture at the University of Georgia. Erik grew up in Massachusetts and studied literature at Saint Michaels in Vermont and earned a Masters in Liberal Studies at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. They live on campus and are excited about the many projects they have in the works this school year. What drew you to Orme? What are your favorite aspects ofcontinue to build with ASU professors Kelly: Erik and I were finishing up our 2Orme? and researchers will provide a variety of years of teaching in Colombia, and wereKelly: I absolutely love the diversity of theamazing opportunities for Orme. I am ready to come back to the States. Hav- students at Orme. I am able to get toalso super excited about Ormes newest ing fallen in love with the southwestknow such interesting kids from moreactivity, the Eco-team. The whole team while teaching in Albuquerque, Arizonathan 18 countries! The discussions weis extremely passionate and enthusiastic was on the radar. Just as I had been ac- have in class are much deeper and rich- about making a positive impact on their i a b s o l u t e ly l ov e t h e d i v e r s i t y o f t h es t u d e n t s at o r m e . er with such a variety of back- community and their planet. They cer-cepted to the Eco-Design program at thegrounds and perspectives. I also love thetainly arent afraid to get their hands Ecosa Institute in Prescott, Erik receivedbeautiful campus. It feels like an oasis indirty, proven by the fact that they willing-an email about an open English positionthe desert and is a great living laboratoryly dig through dumpsters to save card-from a crazy little boarding school in theand classroom for my Environmentalboard from the landfill. middle of the Arizona desert.We cameScience and Sustainability StudiesErik: I am excited to be stepping into the out for an interview during the week ofclasses. position of Director of College Counsel-the Fine Arts Festival, and we fell in loveErik: I love the students, and I love theing and the 11th Grade Dean. Our school with Orme. It felt like the stars aligned,way we make our own fun. Our sportingis thriving right now, and I am finding it as I was able to attend my program atevents are awesome. I just lost my voicevery fulfilling to have some input on the Ecosa the first semester and teach Sus- cheering at the first volleyball game ofways we are moving forward. tainability Studies the second.the season, which we won! I also love Erik: I attended a boarding school in highthe natural beauty of our campus, espe- What impact do you want to have on school (The Williston Northamptoncially all the species of beautiful birds.the Orme community?School), and I began my teaching careerKelly: My 3 sustainability missions this at a boarding school (Avon Old Farms).What are you most excited about thisyear are: 1) Reduce waste; 2) Use re-After teaching in day and internationalyear? sources wisely; and 3) Leave it better schools for six years, I was eager to beKelly: I am excited about our new con- than you found it.back in the close-knit community of anection with ASU and that the studentsErik:I want to make Orme as fun as it can boarding school. Orme fit the bill for ushave an opportunity to earn collegebe for teachers and students, to get kids in so many ways, and we could not becredit for the Environmental Scienceto love reading, and to watch Kelly trans-happier here. class. I believe the relationships we willform Orme into a model of sustainability. 40 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 41'