b'C O L L E G EC O U N S E L I N G E C O - T E A MU P D AT ET he Orme School Class of 2020they are The Dream. They will determineWe have a good variety of schools of dif- Ormes newest activity, the Eco-team, has been out in full force. With a mission to reduce waste, use is already hard at work on thetheir own traditions, character, and ex- ferent sizes in Arizona and through cam- resources wisely, and leave it better than you found it, the Eco-team has been busy implementing a series college application process,cellence, and the schools they choosepus visits,students will have an oppor- of projects. and I am thrilled to be working with thiswill be better places when our graduatestunity to get a feel for what a college wonderful group of students. I have hadarrive on campus. Every student has acampus is like. College reps will also be the honor of getting to know all of ourunique vision of the college experience.visiting our campus to help students seniors, either as a teacher, coach, orMy job is to connect each individual stu- learn more about a variety of schools. residential dean over the last two years. dent with a school that is the right fit forThis year we will have a representativeThe first week of school brought the I met with all of the seniors this morningthem. from the International University Alliancegrand opening of Ormes new Thrift in the Chapel, and I pointed out that in aTo help discover their path beyondgive a presentation to our internationalStore. Students were able to stock up on few short months, they will all be gath- Orme, seniors will learn how to use on- students. Services like IUA help studentstheir dorm room necessities, primarily ered there on a Saturday in May to takeline tools to research and navigate theexplore their options, apply to schools,from items that were discarded by stu-their final walk down the hill as highexpansive sea of schools to chooseand also provide support as they adjustdents at the end of last year!school students. I could see the anxietyfrom. They will work on their profession- to their new school. and excitement ripple through the crowdalism as they learn how to personallyI am looking forward to supporting theseThrough the Sustainable Studies and as the realization sunk in that the begin- reach out to schools. Reflecting on theirstudents on their journey and am excitedEnvironmental Science classes, students ning of the end is upon us. That said, weabilities and achievements, they willto see how their paths unfold. But, like Iat Orme know the value of cardboard in have work to do. learn how to promote themselves to thesaid, we have work to do. soil rehabilitation. The Eco-team has I ended my talk with a little dose of real- rest of the world. I will be there as a sup- Erik Playe successfully created a system to divert ism. I told them our goal is not admis- port, to help them budget time and man- Director of College Couseling cardboard from our dumpsters and the sion to a dream school. I told them thatage stress appropriately. Below: Class of 2020 whole school has jumped on-board to help keep this valuable resource out of the landfill.The Eco-team has also found a great way to recycle computer paper. Once shredded, it makes excellent bedding for our worm wigwam. The worms eat veg-etable scraps from Founders, and their castings, full of powerful microbes and nutrients, will be used to enrich the soil that grows our vegetables in the Orme garden.Most recently, the Eco-team helped de-sign and create signs for the students who participated in the Youth Climate Strike.The ideas are continually flowing from these students on how to make Orme as sustainable as we can be. Stay tuned to see what projects they take on next! 38 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 39'