b'FACES OF ORMETOM & SHERYL GOODSPEEDTom and Sheryl Goodspeed arrived at Orme during the summer of 2018 with their daughter, Amara, a current sophomore. Tom grew up in East Grand Rapids, Michigan and actually house sat for President Gerald Fords brother! He went to Williams College where he majored in Geology, and played collegiate football and ten-nis. He went on to get his Masters Degree in Earth and Planetary Science from the University of New Mexico. Sheryl grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. She majored in Theatre at the University of North Carolina. She later graduated from The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in NYC where she was fortunate enough to study under Sanford Meisner, an icon of American acting teachers. Today, Tom is the Dean of Students and teaches biology here at Orme. Sheryl is the Academic Dean and Registrar and oversees the Learning Center. What drew you to Orme? goes with the Wild West and ranch feel. What impact do you want to have on Tom: The ranch feel, the open skies, theSheryl: The people, both adults and stu- the Orme community?small community, and the possibility fordents, the environment, and the horses. Tom:I want to make an impact on this us to make a difference at a place. Acommunity in a way that is not focused major reason also was for our daughterWhat are some of the things that youon me, but on each other, on this place, to gain great experience at a uniqueare most excited about this year in yourand on peoples future. I want this to be school like Orme. current position? a vibrant place where we learn from, live Sheryl: The horses, the history and theTom: I am excited to try and engenderwith, and love one another. Ultimately, idea that this was a place where wean environment of safety, respect, andthis will be conducive to growing as in-could make a difference. love. I want kids to appreciate each oth- dividuals and as a group because we are m y favo r i t e a s p e c t o f o r m e , a s i d e f r o mt h e a m a z i n g s u r r o u n d i n g s , i s t h ea w e s o m e va r i e t y o f s t u d e n t s . t h e y h a i lf r o m a l l ov e r t h e w o r l d .What are some of your favoritestronger when we work, figure things about working at Orme? things out, and overcome diffi-Tom: My favorite aspect of Orme,culties together.aside from the amazing surroundings, iser and this place.I am hoping that mySheryl: I want everyone to know that I the awesome variety of students. Theystyle and personality lends itself well toam always there to support them and to hail from all over the world. Its not allbuilding that kind of community here. be a shoulder that you can either lean about the diversity though, it is also theSheryl: Im excited to collaborate with aon, cry on, or just wrap your arm around wide range of socioeconomic back- great leadership team to help make theand go do something fun.grounds and the kind of rough-cut na- school the best it can be. ture about the kids here. I guess that 34 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 35'