b'WOMEN WARRIORSA N N A B A L L decision, however, of where to go to school and what to study is made by students and families, explains Orme Director of College I n 1964, young Anna Ball walkedOrme throughout her career in the horti- OConnor had designed aptitude testsCounseling Erik Playe. The Career Vision program at Orme helps stu-onto the campus of The Ormeculture business. Through a lot of hardfor use in business and industry. Carldents get to know themselves School to begin her Sophomorework (and a little self-proclaimed luck)and Vivian quickly recognized the impor- better. This is an essential piece of year at Orme. As a member of the familyshe has grown Ball Horticultural to in- tance of aptitudes. Upon OConnorsthe puzzle and will, I believe, lead who started the now 111 year old Ballclude twenty locations around the world.death, Carl and Vivain established Thestudents towards more valuable Horticultural Company, Ormes reputa- As a successful business woman andBall Foundation with the mission of sup- college opportunities and more tion for outdoor learning, expansivemother to (her now grown) daughter Su- porting aptitude testing.successful careers. space and college-preparatory academ- sannah, Anna has seen womens rolesToday, Anna is continuing her parentsWhen students get the results of ics were a natural fit. Anna went on tochange dramatically in her lifetime. Anywork here at Orme. All 11th grade stu- their tests they are often sur-graduate from Orme in 1967 and recent- path is possible now, Anna explained.dents take part in the Career Vision apti- prised. Current Senior, Natalia ly celebrated her 50th Class Reunion.Whether you are a woman or a man,tude testing as an important part of theArce-Woods, took the test last Today, she is President and CEO of Ballmake sure that you position yourself in aCollege Counseling program. Career Vi- year. I was pleased with the re-Horticultural Company, the third genera- way that plays to your natural aptitudes,sion Executive Director, Peg Hendershot,sults. They solidified that I am on tion of her family to run this successfulwhether that means your career, being avisits campus several times a year tothe right path for my future. Na-business. full-time mother or father, working partadminister this in-depth test and reviewtalia is part of the Girls Strong Orme helped me a lot in my life, Annatime, starting a business, or being a vol- results with the students. Unlike othergroup and had the pleasure of in-recently explained. It taught me the val- unteer in your community.aptitude tests, Career Vision aims toterviewing Anna this past spring. ue and satisfaction of hard work - bothPutting this ideology in motion, Anna isprovide each individual with an objectiveShe learned more about Annas the President offoundation to begin future education andpassion for aptitude testing and Career Vision, acareer decisions. It studies individualwhy it is so important for Natalia non-profit with adifferences such as abilities, interests,and her classmates to be com-fortable in knowing where their strengths lie. The test is a good indicator to show what areas you, as an individual, can flourish in n o m at t e r w h at pat h yo u c h o o s e t o and do well in the future.Coming full circle, Anna hopes that the work of Career Vision will ta k e i n l i f e t h o u g h , a lw ay s r e m e m b e r t o also help her business find more employees, perhaps even some recent Orme graduates, who are b e k i n d . yo u w i l l g e t fa r t h e r , n o m at t e r passionate about the work of Ball Horticultural. Horticulture is often an overlooked career that has so w h at yo u a r e t r y i n g t o c h a n g e . many possibilities for young peo-ple. You can find some exciting careers on our website, seedyour-future.org, Anna explains. No matter what path you choose to take in life though, always remem-ber to be kind. You will get farther, mental and physical. It exposed me to allmission to help individuals make greatpersonalities and values, and how theseno matter what you are trying to sorts of people I never would have met,career decisions based on each personstraits translate into different career pos- change.while giving me an excellent rigorous ed- unique potential. Career Vision was de- sibilities. The added value of college ucation. And while there, I fell in loveveloped from Annas parents Ball Apti- counseling at a small school like Orme isYou can learn more aboutwith the beauty, openness and optimismtude Battery Test. Carl and Vivian Ballthat we are able to get to know our stu-careers in Horticulture at of the American West.Anna was ablebecame close friends with psychometri- dents well. The idea of helping studentsseedyourfuture.com.to use the values that she learned atcian Johnson OConnor in the 1960s.find a good fit requires this. The final 30 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 31'