b'A S E E D S T O R YOrme students sow the seeds of a beautiful tomorrow. Saving seed increases our sovereignty, boosts plant resiliency for our particular microclimate, reduces our carbon footprint, encourages more genetic diversity, teaches about plant cycles, and is really fun. We have saved radish, cilantro, swiss chard, cornflower, zinnia, tithonia, lemon balm, oregano, tomato, 5 kinds of lettuce, cardoon, arugula, onion, peas, 4 kinds of beans, sunflower, and hollyhock seeds so far, and are constantly seeking to save more.Students in both the Chores program and in the afternoon activity period participate in seed saving through many methods such as winnowing, threshing and shelling. We store the seeds in a dry, cool area until we are ready to plant. In the future, we intend to share our seeds with other growers in our area in the form of a seed library. 28 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 29'