b'WOMEN WARRIORSJ U L I E A N N W R I G L E Y op this cross-dimensional program and commit their young research department to focusing on projects that A s a child growing up on thewith a concentration on environmentalArizona State University (ASU), Michaelwould have a greater impact on society as a whole, rather coast of Newport Beach, Julieissues and the relationships that sus- Crow. By this time, I realized that wethan just individuals. The re-Ann Burns Wrigley 66 wastainability and the environment can havecannot deny climate change. In order tosult was the founding of the acutely aware of the subtle environmen- on corporations and businesses. Upontruly make a meaningful impact on ourJulie A. Wrigley Global Insti-tal changes she witnessed in her back- graduation, she went to work for a lawplanet and help this worldwide issue, thetute of Sustainability at ASU. yard. I remember asking my parentsfirm in Denver in hopes of trying to helpkey would be to properly educate theToday, thanks to the ground-why I could no longer see Catalina Is- their clients recognize the environmentalnext generation, Wrigley explained. Wework that Wrigley and Presi-land, Wrigley remarked. I also noticedimpact they were having, but found theneeded educational programs and re- dent Crow laid over 15 years changes to the sea life. This environ- industries they worked with resistant tosearch that were not afraid to breakago, ASU is a world leader in mental intuition was just the beginningchange. down the silos of traditional learning.Sustainability studies. Wrigley of what has become her life-long jour- Upon meeting her husband, the late Wil- One in which all sciences, behavioral andexplains that the research and ney to combat climate change and fos- liam Wrigley, she moved to Chicago andphysical, along with the administration,learning this next generation ter sustainability. became enchanted with the work of theresearch, the law and economics, wouldis doing is needed now, more After graduating from The Orme SchoolWrigley Family and their deep-seatedwork together toward a program trulythan ever. Every weather in 1966, Wrigley took a gap year andvalues of environmentally friendly prac- capable of tackling these big issues.event is worse.drought, heat, snow, climate migration. You cannot deny climate change. We need to think globally and c h a n g e c a n b e b r e at h ta k i n g ly w o n d e r f u l continue to create behavioral changes and new technolo-gies that will help us beat a n d i c a n n o t w a i t t o c o n t i n u e t o w at c h this. Wrigley is a firm believer that t h i s n e x t g e n e r at i o n o f s c h o l a r s b e pa r t the youth today, with the prop-er guidance, are the key to helping solve this global crisis o f s o m e t h i n g g r e at e r t h a n we face. She feels that through impactful research, a t h e m s e lv e s a n d e m b r a c e t h e s e c h a n g e s . global awareness in thinking and a desire to volunteer in their local communities, to-days youth are capable of this.Change can be breath-takingly wonderful and I can-not wait to continue to watch went to Switzerland, where she devel- tices. One of thethis next generation of schol-oped a deep love for different cultures.most meaningfulars be part of something Following that passion, she went on toprojects of thegreater than themselves and study anthropology at Stanford Univer- Wrigley Family was the creation of theAs one of the youngest research univer- embrace these changes.sity. One of her most memorable cours- Catalina Island Conservancy in 1974.sities in the country, ASU was in the per-es that helped fuel her love for environ- Wrigley explained, What impressed mefect position to work with Wrigley on theYou can learn more mentalism was a Biology course taughtmost about the Wrigley Family andcreation of this ground-breaking pro- about Ormes new by Jane Goodall. Seeing Jane as both acompany was that their values of sus- gram. I had approached several otherpartnership with powerful female role model and stewardtainability were not all tied up in makinguniversities with the idea of this newthe ASU Global of the earth, this class was a turninga profit. They had a genuine concern forprogram and didnt find a fit. They wereInstitute of point for Wrigley, helping her better real- protecting the environment. too big and established in their ways toSustainability in the ize the things that were important to her. Fast-forward 30 years when Wrigleyembrace this type of change, Wrigleyprevious pages.She turned her focus to the study of lawwas introduced to the new President ofsaid. President Crow was ready to devel-26 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 27'