b'Students Nguyen, Mary and Valerie spent their project year preparing to welcome a new community onto campus. This community is much dif-ferent than that which we are used to and is governed by a Queen.a Queen Bee to be ex-act. Their Bee Project was funded by a grant through the Whole Kids Foundation. Funds from the project were used to install an observation hive in the Mosher Scienceand Naomi began announcing Plastic Building. The hive arrived over the sum- Facts during Monday and Friday mer and has already produced its firstmorning student body meetings. Peter S U S TA I N A B I L I T Y quart of honey. Mary, Class of 2020, ex- recently asked the student body, Did plained, I am excited to watch this proj- you know that there are currently 13ect grow next year. In addition to helpingbillion plastic bottles disposed of every produce honey for the school, we areyear? Most of these bottles end up in looking forward to using beeswax forgiant landfills or, even worse, the ocean. The new buzz word on campus.projects such as environmentally friend- Peter went on to challenge the student T his past winter brought much needed heavy rains and snowfall to Ormes campus.ly chapstick, beeswax food wrappingbody to think before using a single use and more. Bees are an essential part ofplastic bottle, explaining how easy it is The result was an amazingly bountiful spring filled with numerous blossomingour ecosystem and it is important thatto use reusable bottles. flowers and trees. Ormes newest residents, a hive of honey bees, were especiallywe educate the students hereAs their project progressed, Peter thrilled with the season.about just how critical they areand Naomi began collecting One of the main reasons why an Orme education is so special to todays students, is the abil- to us and the earth. Thisplastic bottles and bags ity to balance classical learning such as through books and lectures with a more progressivefall, Mary is hoping toAnfrom around campus approach through hands-on and project-based learning such as The Environmental Sciencecontinue working onecobrick is a plasticand started making Class.learning morebottle packed witheco-bricks. This year, the students in this upper-level science class were challenged to come up with aabout the hiveplastic to a set density toThis fall, as Pe-project that would help further sustainability practices on campus. Throughout the year, theand assist- create a reusable building block.ter students worked in small groups and came up with a variety of unique ideas that cumulateding inEcobricks are used to make modularreturns to into functioning programs and projects that they shared during the annual springharvestingfurniture, garden spaces andcampus for Sustainability Institute.the honey andfull-scale buildings such ashis Senior year, wax from it.schools and houses.he is hoping to ex-Elsewhere on pand on the Plastic Po-campus was thelice project and deputize formation of the Plastic Po- more students to help with the lice. Naomi Nguyen, Class ofeffort.I want this to be my lega-2019, and Peter Kohlmann, Class ofcy, Peter said. I want to leave the 2020, first came up with the idea aftercampus better than I found it. brainstorming ways in which to reduceThe Plastic Police and Bee Projects are single-use plastic products on campus.set to become on-going programs that I wanted to do something that made awill continue to help foster a sense of meaningful impact on our community,environmental awareness within Ormes Peter explained. If we truly want tocommunity. It is the goal of the class make a difference in the world, we needthat all students learn about these to teach people how to change theirprojects and their importance and share habits and ways of thinking. The Plastictheir knowledge with their families, Police aredoing just that.friends an dresidents among the To kick off their project, each week Petercommunities they call home. 24 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 25'