b'WOMEN WARRIORSF I N EA R T SE L I Z A B E T H S M I T HF E S T I VA L lizabeth Smith 71 not only em-E bodies the spirit of a Woman 2 0 1 9Warrior, but is a prime example of how one person can have a huge im-pact. Elizabeth has a long history with The Orme School. Since her graduation in 1971, Elizabeth has played an active role at Orme by volunteering her time and talents to the Board of Trustees, The Alumni Association and the renovation of Horsecollar Theater. Elizabeth has the honor of being a Trustee Emeritus and gives of her time as Class Representa-tive for the Class of 1971. Through Elizabeths guidance, The Ralph L. Smith Foundation has been the pri-mary supporter of the Dorothy Swain Lewis Fine Arts Festival for many years. Elizabeth and the foundations support have been instrumental in sanctioning renowned artists from across the coun-try to guide Orme students through the creative process during these annual week-long celebrations. Thank you Eliz-abeth and The Ralph L. Smith Founda-tion for ensuring that Dot Lewiss dream of exposing students to a variety of cre-ative and visual arts lives on today!22 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 23'