b'WOMEN WARRIORSMARIAN HUNTINGTON CRAVERI f not for a hailstorm that damagedcareer choice. However, circumstances her fathers plane, Marian Hunting- changed and my second love (which I ton Craver 69 might have neverfully credit Orme for) was English Litera-found The Orme School. During a flightture. She credits her English teachers, home to California, Marians father,particularly Toby Allen, with igniting that Charles Chuck Huntington, made anpassion. Imagine a junior being able to emergency landing on Ormes airstrip.completely understand and enjoy With the help of Dot Lewis, who wasShakespeare! It was truly a gift.able to repair his plane, he was back fly- She married her husband Ted an im-ing in no time. However, The Ormepressive 45 years ago. My other interest School made a lasting impression on Mr.is technical writing, so I became Teds Huntington that resulted in a life-longchief editor for speeches, etc. We started relationship between his family and theour family and I chose to stay at home school. Decades later, he sent hiswith the children. My career then be-daughter, Marian, to complete her highcame running the house and keeping the school education. family on track so that Ted could focus Marian Huntington Craver remains oneon his career. I think it worked out pretty of the most influential women in the his-tory of the school. I came to Orme in the fall of 1965 as a 13 year old fresh- After graduating from Orme, Marian man, Marian said. I roomed with threewent on to study at the University of Ari-other girls (Laurie Burns, Lyn Fitzpatrick,zona, and later moved back to California and Sheri Anderson)in Kettlebail 3. Thatwhere she majored in English Literature meant 8 girls to the bathroominter- at California State University Northridge. esting times! Lyn and I became veryThis was a major change in direction good friends and roomed together againfor me as I was originally on the track of the following year. I graduated frombecoming a Special Education teacher. I Orme in June of 1969 just shortly afterhad done some assistant teaching (high my 17th birthday! school level) at the Neuro Psychiatric In-stitute at UCLA and had received strong encour-agement to make this mywell! She went on to explain that overthink womens roles today have found aof the school, while ensuring buildings her lifetime, she has seen a shift fromnice balance of choices and social ac- and grounds are relevant for use today.very few career women to a huge em- ceptance. Most recently, Marian and Ted have phasis on having a career in order to beMarian began her service on Ormesjoined the Power of 100 Campaign by independent from men ,and now back toBoard of Trustees in 1993. More notablygifting the school $1,000,000 to estab-a mix of the two. I see more and morethough, she was the first woman Boardlish The Marian and Ted Craver Endow-i t h i n k w o m e ns r o l e s t o d ay h av e f o u n d young women giving up their careers forChair for Orme and served in that rolement Fund. This fund will make an im-now as they enter into motherhood, butfrom January 2009 until Septembermediate and distinct difference to the they have the knowledge that one day,2014. Marian and Ted have volunteeredschool now and for years to come. Hav-a n i c e b a l a n c e o f c h o i c e s a n d s o c i a l should they choose to or need to, theycountless hours and resources through- ing a role model like Marian is an honor can reenter the workplace, Marian ex- out their time here at Orme. Their sup- for the students in Girls Strong to look plained. So many of these women haveport of the Annual Fund through specificup to. She is the embodiment of a strong a c c e p ta n c e . commented to me how hard the job ofcapital improvement projects such aswoman and Orme would not be the motherhood is. The shift is more to- Horsecollar Theater and construction ofschool it is today without her. Service, wards acceptance of these choices,the Craver House have been instrumen- stewardship, leadership and a genuine whereas during the 70s and 80s thattal in providing Orme with the means topassion for Orme is why we are proud to was definitely not the case. As a result, Icontinue preserving the ranch campuscall Marian a Woman Warrior. 20 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 21'