b'4 18 28 32THE ORME SCHOOL MAGAZINEB U L L E T I NEXCELLENCE. TRADITION. CHARACTER.Established in 1929, The Orme School is a unique, college-preparatory, co-educational boarding and day school for grades 8 through 12, set on 300 acres in rural Arizona. Our mission is to develop sound character,4 18 32 64scholastic growth, and intellectual curiosity, as well asWOMEN WARRIORS CARAVAN 2018-2019 CLASS NOTESMESSAGE FROM THE HEADLearn about amazing Orme women andRelive the adventure.enable students to succeed at the college of their choice,OF SCHOOL their contributions to the school. 68and in life. Our community is structured, supportive and44 ANNUAL FUND 2018-2019diverse. We awaken untapped potential, encourage inner6 24 2019 COMMENCEMENT ADDRESSTHE POWER OF 100:SUSTAINABILITY AT ORME Your Orme Essence: by William C. Billy71resourcefulness, integrity, respect and accountability for INTRODUCING ORMESThe new buzz word on campus.Cordasco 80 IN MEMORIAMself and others. Our challenging curriculum features aCENTENNIAL CAMPAIGNcombination of classroom instruction, hands-on learning,28 60 72A SEED STORY REUNION 2019 UPCOMING EVENTSand both environmental and aesthetic awareness. FromFollow the life of a seed at The OrmeHighlights from this years Reunion.School. the academic program to residential and community life,6the guiding principles of Excellence, Tradition and Character are applied to every facet of an Orme Questions, comments, or inquiries? Please contact us!education. Wed love to hear from you. ADMISSIONS1000 E. Orme School Road admissions@ormeschool.orgMayer, Arizona 86333 ALUMNIalumni@ormeschool.org928-632-7601info@ormeschool.org DEVELOPMENTgive@ormeschool.orgwww.ormeschool.org2 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 3'