b'WOMEN WARRIORSW O M E ND I A N E A T W O O DWA R R I O R SOver the decades, Orme has been home tod o t b e l i e v e d i n m esome amazing and strong women. Aunta n d m y a b i l i t i e s . Minna blazed the path as a pioneer, rancher and glue that held the Orme Familyt o h av e t h etogether on this remote cattle ranch in the wild west. As the school evolved, others u p p o r t o f s u c hstrong women leaders emerged as well, including Mimi, Dot Lewis, Lou Alfred anda n i n c r e d i b l ecountless others throughout the schools 90 year history. w o m a n at s u c h ahe newly formed Girls StrongClass of 2019 graduate Kenadee Mc- give back as well. Who knows? Maybep i vo ta l t i m e i n m yT club on campus has come to- Donald was very excited about this proj- there will someday be a McDonald dormyo u n g l i f e w a sgether to celebrate the strongect. I am from the small town of Visalia,next door to Elliott!female history at Orme, and to inspireCalifornia, Kenadee explained. It wasAs the group looks towards the future, the young ladies on campus today toactually a camp alumna, Andrea Smith,the girls are excited to be planning somem o m u m e n ta l . become leaders in the classroom andwho told me about The Orme School.all-campus events that help raise beyond. Earlier in the year, students wereShe also helped connect me with Jo andawareness of the roles of women and given the opportunity to apply to attendHollis Elliott who attended Orme. Aftercelebrate the customs that women have a luncheon at the home of 1962 alumnaspeaking with these amazing women, Iin their home states and countries. They Ann Harrington. Ann and her fellowknew that I wanted to be a part of Orme.are also hoping that the Women Warrior Orme classmates get together eachThey are amazing role models for me! Project can continue to grow and they spring, a tradition they have carried onKenadee had the opportunity to inter- can learn more about the schools many for years. Unfortunately, a freak winterview Jo for the project this past spring. Isuccessful alumnae. If you would like toT he Advisory System at Orme1971, following in the footsteps of hercago to her days at Orme and particular-snowstorm cancelled the luncheon, butreally enjoyed getting to know Jo andbe part of the Women Warrior Project, the young ladies who applied had a de- her daughter Hollis. They have beencontact our Alumni Office at alumni@ helps create one of the forma- brother Seth. Having a passion for art,ly her relationship with Dot. Dot believed sire to learn more about the amazing fe- such a huge part of our small communi- ormeschool.org. tive bonds that students willDidi was fascinated with Orme artin me and my abilities. To have the sup-male alumnae of Orme. This led to thety through their successeshave during their boarding school jour- teacher and advisor Dot Lewis. Dot in- port of such an incredible woman at formation of Girls Strong. in real estate and their com- after speaking with these ney. Advisors play an integral role in thespired me to pursue my passion andsuch a pivotal time in my young life was The first project for this group was themunity involvement. It haslives of their students, helping guidetravel the world. She saw an innate po- monumental. I can never thank her Women Warriors project. Each currentbeen really neat to see howamazing women ,i knew that them through their academics, assistingtential in my artwork, explained Didi. Ienough for her encouragement and the Orme student in the group was pairedeasy it is to make a differ- to ensure their social lives are thriving,spent hours working side-by-side withrole she played in my future success.with an Orme alumna who has excelledence in a small town. Ke- i wanted to be a part of urging them to step outside of theirDot. At the urging of Dot, Didi finishedOrme continues to hold a special place in her career. The students had the op- nadee went on, It was alsocomfort zones, and often times being ahigh school in Switzerland, where shein Didis heart. She served on the Board portunity to interview each one and thenfun to learn the history oforme .they are amazing shoulder to lean on when things are notstudied Art History and Architecture. Fol- of Trustees and is a Trustee Emeritus. put together a visual project showcasingElliott Dorm and learn moregoing as planned.lowing high school, she attended Har- Her children attended Orme Camp as the women they studied. Those projectsabout Jos continued sup- role models for me ! The Advisor-Student bond was particu- vard University and Princeton, earning awell. Today, Didi is enjoying retirement, (as seen in the following pages) are setport of the dorm and cam- larly strong between Diane Didi At- Masters Degree in Architecture in 1980. riding her horses and being outdoors; to be on display this year in the Mosherpus. She has inspired me towood 73 and her advisor Dorothy DotShe credits much of her success as anpassions she has nutured since her time Science Building. come back someday andKenadee McDonald 19 Swain Lewis. Didi came to Orme inArchitect in New York City and later Chi- at Orme. 18 THE ORME SCHOOL BULLETIN 2019 19'