b'with lifelong friends who support andcompetitive athletics both on andare back in full swing. challenge them to be their very best. Weoff-campus this year; they are truly ex- I am genuinely delighted and hum-teach and prepare our students to haveperiencing what The Orme School has tobled by everything we have accom-character in every situation they mayoffer each and every day. From chores,plished thus far, and could not be more face.hikes to the mesa, enjoying the garden,grateful and proud of our administrators, Today, our students, faculty, and staffparticipating in the Farm-to-Table Pro- faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees for are genuinely excited to be back on Thegram, swimming in the pool, fishing intheir dedication, hard work, and support Orme School campus and together oncethe pond, mountain biking, horsebackin stepping up to the challenges in this temporary new normal. Our team is THE ORME SCHOOL CONTINUES TOalso very grateful and appreciative of our students, parents, and guardians for STRIVE AND GROW AS WE EMBRACEtheir trust in us to care for their loved OUR COMMUNITYS LONG-STANDINGones during this unforeseen pandemic.We are also proud that we were able TRADITIONS WHILE ALSO PUTTING OURto close the past year with a positive fi-nancial surplus made possible by gener-STUDENTS FIRST. ous donors and a healthy enrollment during an uncertain time. Each of you again. The 2021-2022 academic year isriding, Friday Night Lights Up Top withwho donated to our Annual Fund, Cen-off to a wonderful and very energeticour horsemanship team, vespers, play- tennial Campaign, and Orme Primavera start. Our new faculty hires are raisinging music in the Chapel, and painting inSchools Foundation made that possible. the bar and becoming a part of the fab- the Art Annex, students are challengingThank you!ric and backbone of our already strongthemselves athletically and stretchingWe will continue to dedicate all of the and steadfast community. The studentsthemselves in our robust academic cur- time and resources necessary and avail-are enjoying afternoon activities andriculum. The campus finally feels like weable to guide us all safely through this year. We will also continue to bet on sci-ence, follow CDC Guidelines, and wel-come medical professionals knowledge and expertise. I want to say a special thank you to Wendy Wells, RN, BSN, who is our Director of Health Services and School Nurse, to my wife Dr. Casey San-ner, who is a board-certified pediatrician, and to all of the other colleagues near and far who have helped us keep our community safe, healthy, and open. The campus is looking as beautiful as it has ever been thanks to our Facilities Team.When you hopefully return for Reunion Round Up next summer, you will be able to tour and stay in Stirrup Dot Dorm, which was completely reno-vated this past summer. The Orme School is needed more now than ever before. We appreciate your continued support! Onward and upward, Ross Sanner Executive Vice President and COOChairman, Covid Rapid Response Team9'