b'TODAYS ORME SCHOOLMessage from the Executive Vice President and COOSwain Lewis Fine Arts Festival, Caravan, Prom, Baccalaureate, Candlelight Ser-vice, Commencement, the first year of The Orme Games, and so many other unwavering Orme traditions because we did not have to shut down the campus due to a COVID outbreak. Throughout the entirety of last year and during this past summer, the Execu-tive Leadership Team monitored the sit-uation daily in partnership with our COVID-19 Rapid Response Team. To protect the community and future of the School, our leadership team, along with the Board of Trustees, decided to bet on the science and ask that our entire com-munity become vaccinated against the virus that continues to mutate, infect, and hospitalize people of all ages near and far. We did not make that decision lightly. This school year looks much brighter in many ways, but the global pandemic is still among us and, in some ways, is more challenging to manage because the Delta strain is vastly more infectious. Our number one job is to con-tinue protecting every member of our community and the Schools long-term viability. Taking this position on the vaccine has allowed our students to fully engage and enjoy what Orme offers in a safe, healthy environment where individuals can challenge themselves to reach their full potential and bring out the best in one another. We strive to have our stu-dents develop their self-awareness, leadership, and confidence in every facet of our daily curriculum. When they grad-uate, we want our students to cross the T his past year our communityin-person student learning while placingcattle guard and head out into the world ready for what lies ahead, both seen and had to problem solve in wayssafety first and staying financially sus- unforeseen. Last year the world as a we could have never imag- tainable. Every day we focused on deliv- whole and as we knew it changed within ined, while working hard to ensure weering a loving, challenging, whole-childa few months. Being able to adapt to a continued to deliver on our Schoolscurriculum to our students while neversituation in real-time was a great teach-Mission founded on Excellence, Tradi- losing sight of the precious Orme Schooling moment for all of us. At Orme, we tion, and Character. And we did just that!traditions we all hold so dear. We stayedwant our students to leave ready for the Last year our goal was to operatetrue to our roots by having the Dorothyworld. We strive for our students to leave 8'