b'EDUCATING THE WHOLE CHILD FOR COLLEGE AND BEYONDMessage from the PresidentT he global pandemic has madethem how to live ev-us all more appreciative of theeryday life continues.special place Orme is andI have learned so how it continues to be an incredible giftmuch from the many to most everyone it touches.Ormealumni who are good teaches one to lean in when the goingfriends, and from gets tough, and that is exactly what wemore recent parents, did last year; and we were successful. as to why boarding This year, still under the pandemic, weschool was either are excited to be operating under morechosen for them, normal conditions, as we are a nearlythey chose it for 100% vaccinated campus.And so, thethemselves, and/or Orme stories continue. why they chose it for Our Mission and Vision Statementstheir child.And al-speak directly to the way we teach Ormethough I have heard students inside and outside the class- a few different sto-room; we consider it a focus on theries, the vast majori-whole student with Excellence, Tradition,ty simply desired to and Character.We are focused on ourgive their child the students from sunup to sundown.Fac- gift of an excellent ulty are there to support and teacheducation coupled during class time, athletics, at the dinnerwith gaining strong table, during Advisory, riding a horse,study habits, respect acting in a play, through music, camping,for hard work, hiking, and so many other areas of cam- self-discipline, teamwork, tolerance, andfrom when Jimmy Stewarts son attend-pus life.The commitment of The Ormelife skills in a comfortable and lovinged The Orme School, the philosophy and School giving children an education incommunity environment. most traditions from that time have not the classroom in addition to teachingMost children attending Orme couldchanged.have chosen to getMy point is that the leadership of their education, andOrme today remains intentionally and a good one, mostpassionately focused on educating the anywhere near theirwhole child for college and life, which hometown.But ashas been the Orme Way.We do our best Jimmy Stewart soto keep the whispers of the basic, com-eloquently put it, tomon-sense approach that has been at live in a communitythe heart of the Schools Mission in the that offers a con- forefront when making decisions. That is structive, consistent,stressing a solid academic foundation in compelling systema caring family environment where every of values aroundstudent is expected to contribute; this is which personal andcommunity living. These Orme students social living can beare precious and builders of our future.organized isntMay The Orme School stories contin-found just anywhere,ue for decades and decades to come.but - it is definitely found at Orme.And although the systemKristin Durowlooks a little differentPresident6'