b'thankful to the medical profession fornow living in a cabin on the Wind Riverwere diagnosed with cancer.developing a vaccine to help us andBend Ranch with Leigh and Bert. I loveUnfortunately, Jeff didnt make it. How-those we meet stay healthy. the Wyoming wilderness and have hadever, as of this moment, I am can-extraordinary wildlife sightings! Mycer-free and very thankful. Of course, George Thomasmemoir is finally nearing completion af- battling the pandemic is a trial, butLast year I remarried. My wife is Joyceter three re-writes and I have interestwe are all going through it together and Scott from the Houston area. Shes a re- from a literary agent. I healed myselfwe will get to the other end if we all try to tired IT professional and consultant. from a reoccurrence of breast cancerwear a mask and wash our hands. It is Hoping that the 2nd covid plague wontwith three plant supplements and amso hard not to go out to lunch and travel. take as long to abate as the first did. happy to share my knowledge. Love toHowever, I had a wonderful visit to Wyo-Were anxious to get on the road.Afteryou all 56 years later. ming with my cousin who drove us in his 16 years, retirement is still great.Is antrailer so that was pretty safe. Ion-campus Orme reunion for 22 a pos- Taylor Payson got to visit my mothers cousins and go sibility?Am still engaged in the pursuitWow-what a time all of us have beento a wonderful, wonderful classof the great John Lewis instruction tothrough. Suzi and I are well and mostlyreunion at Leigh & Berts!We got to Make Good Trouble. have stayed in Tucson for the last 18meet the new President of Orme,months or so. We finally got away lastKris Durow. She is absolutely delightful, Skip DonauMay for a family get-together in Hawaii.very warm yet very capable.I am entering my 49 years of law prac- Had to do all the tests etc. to get in, butShe will be a tremendous asset to the tice. Still in the field of Criminal Defenseit was worth it. We had a great time onschool. We also got to visitand Medical Malpractice. I am trying tothe big island. In the meantime, we haveFlicka and her husband, which was so slow down to enjoy more of the greathad to cancel two separate cruises andspecial and a lot of fun. Im so sadoutdoors. I just returned from a wonder- are now rescheduled for one to Norwaythat all of us couldnt be at the reunion, ful fishing trip in Alaska (photo below)on July 22. Hope we can make that one. but maybe the next time whenMy three adult children Gunnar, Tirzah,Even during the pandemic, I have beenwere pandemic-free. Other than that, and Shan are enjoying life in Oregon, AZ,able to keep up my golf game - gets memostly I am just staying home andand Texas. Life is good. Best to you. out of the house and some exercise. Intrying to keep from getting the plague. addition, I volunteer at Therapeutic Rid- Luckily I have a lovely home and a big ing of Tucson, where we use horses togarden to work in and that keeps me help adults and children overcome theirbusy.Im very thankful.I hope you are all issues with physical and mental chal- safe and well.lenges.We have had an interesting summerFlicka Scott weather-wise. Last year we got a total ofErnie and I have been staying home, 4 inches of rain all year - so far this yearstaying safe, since the Ides of March. from the first of July to Aug 16th, we areLots of crosswords and sudokus.We over 15 inches at our house, with moreare lucky to have comfortable homes in to come - maybe our severe drought has2 beautiful locations (Jackson Hole, WY Tina Colony Imperatoeased. Have had some issues with& Diamond Valley, UT), no jobs or chil-Presently I continue to do chaplaincyflooding and tree damage but nothingdren at home to worry about, and to work at St. Josephs Hospital, Tampa, Fl. too serious. have each other for company.We are I now just work 12 hours a weekper- The rest of the family is fine. Son Bryanthankful every day.fectand primarily coordinate a musicis still flying as a chief pilot for two own-program for patients and staff for relax- ers out of Las Vegas and our grand- Elliot Norquest ation and healing.I often take time outdaughter is working at an equestrianWe are fine and also healthy in Carbon-to play my small harp for some rescuecenter near her college in Monterey, Cali- dale. The art business is slow, but so am horses and use my singing talent infornia, where she is a sophomore.SheI these days. We just moved to a new some church situations.I make goodis also showing in dressage and will behouse after fifteen years so a lot is either use of the many swimming pools in theon the college equestrian team againlost or thrown into the dumpster. Along area.All in all I am well and happy. this year. with that, I am building a new studio/workspace hopefully before winter. Frolic Taylor Ann Martin Cozad Three grandchildren in Oregon and our For those of you who do not know, I amWhat a year! Last year both Jeff and Iyoungest gets married in June. No time 53'