b'Congratulations Leigh! You highly de- done for Orme over many years. YouCongratulations Leigh on a job well done. serve to be named a Distinguishedchaired the Board of Trustees throughDeborah and Larry DiLucchioAlumna of Orme. Your contributions tosome very difficult times, and it was my our Alma Mater have had an impact andpleasure to serve along with you, and re- Leigh is the best example of hard work, significance to The Orme School thatspect and admire your leadership. In ad- vision, and dedication that any organiza-simply enabled this school to continuedition, it is so special that a classmatetion could possibly have. She also was a and to be embracing a profoundly brightand dear friend can be honored this way.great companion milking cows and is future. We, your classmates of 1965, areSuzi and I send our heartfelt thanks andstill a great friend even after all of our immensely proud of you! Thank you forcongratulations. teenage antics. Just awesome as the all you have done to preserve and en- Taylor Payson youngsters say!hance The Orme Experience for futureElliot Norquistgenerations - your endless hard work,I know that no other graduate has spent clear vision, and devotion to an educa- more time, energy, and her own funds onLeigh, there are no words or accolades tional concept that has profound merit.doing things for the betterment of Ormethat embrace the scope and quality of Linda Thorell Hills for 55 years! Leigh you totally deserveyour efforts to guide and sustain Orme this Distinguished Alumni award! LoveSchool in good times and bad.Your and hugs candle may burn shorter now, but never Frolic Taylor brighter. May your light transcend time. May it always be so. Phil HollandAnn Martin Cozad 65, Leigh and Linda.Leigh and Bert with my husband Harold Hills and my children James and Louise Hills and me (Linda)Hey Leigh - our families have known each other since before we were born and somehow we ended up at Orme together!So proud of you for being named as a Distin-guished Alumna.So cool!Roys MansurLeigh, Congratulations on being named aRight: DistinguishedLeighs 1965 Alumna ofyearbook page.The OrmeBottom Left:School.Leighs 65 classmates at This honor istheir 50th Reunion.truly deserved for all you have 49'