b'L E I G HH AG G ET U C K E Y DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI AWARDT his year, The Orme School was honored to name Leigh Hagge Tuckey 65 with the Distinguished Alumni Award at the 2021 Commencement cere-mony. Leighs classmate, Phil Holland, best summed up Leighs time at Orme, As many of you know, Leighs involvement with The Orme School has never really stopped following our graduation light years ago. Well beyond her very signifi-cant financial support over the years, Leigh has committed something far more pre-ciousher personal time and energy directed towards securing the brightest possi-ble future for The Orme School. Leigh served as Chair of the Board of Trustees from 2014 to 2017, which was a very challenging time for private boarding schools across the country. Under her leadership, Orme strengthened its financial base, repaired and upgraded its physical infrastructure, doubled its enrollment, increased faculty devel-opment, incorporated environmental sustainability into the curriculum, and revived the core character values and traditions we remember as students. Thanks to Leighs efforts, by any metric, Orme is now better positioned for success than at any time in decades.Phil and his classmates joined together to create the Leigh H. Tuckey 65 Scholar-ship to benefit a rising underclassman. Phil explained,At Commencement each May, the school will announce the student recipient of the Leigh H. Tuckey 65 Schol-arship, which in turn will stir memories of Leighs outstanding service to Orme. Help-ing to establish this scholarship is my way of personally honoring Leigh for a lifetime of service to an institution that has gifted me with many lifetime friendships, wonder-ful memories, and the encouragement to succeed in life. On behalf of all of us at The Orme School, congratulations Leigh!MESSAGES FROM LEIGHS CLASSMATESCongratulations Leigh, no one deserves this honor more than you. I am certain you will continue your good works on behalf of our school, Orme.Skip DonauA standing ovation, a thunderous cheer, and a deep admiration for your designa-tion as a Distinguished Alumna.You have enthusiastically embraced both the spirit and soul of the Orme philosophy by unselfishly dedicating yourself to its continuing mission with both intent and passion.Not only do you proudly repre-sent the Class of 65, so too do you rep-resent the school as an ambassador of the highest order.We salute you for your determination, engagement, and vision.We are incredibly proud of what you have done for Orme and for its fu-ture!Cheers, Tony Fredericks48'