b'Jewelry Appraisals a few years ago, have worked at it part time since then, and am slowly getting the business off the ground.I currently plan to retire from my regular job this coming De-cember, and start appraising full time.Thats the goal anyway! To do it right, jewelry appraising requires the apprais-er to have the jewelry in hand to be able to look at and test the stone(s) and metals, get weights and measurements, take photos, etc. The pandemic didnt allow appraisers to do any of this, and the trade shows that many of us attend were all cancelled. On the positive side, the wider gem and jewelry industry came together to provide a lot of online webinars from basic gemology, e.g., how diamonds and gemstones are formed, to identification of gemstones and their treatments, to updates on the synthetic diamond market.What has been your experience having your own business and what adviceCOME RIDE would you offer our students who are considering starting their own busi-ness? WITH USStarting my own business took me a long time, partly because I didnt have a lot of time to do so, but also because I wasnt sure whether or not I was really ready. Probably the most important ad- Students at Orme have been embracing our Western vice I can give to Ormites who are con-sidering opening their own business isheritage since 1929. There is no better way to take to have faith in yourselves, but plan well.Throughout the years Ive learned thatin the beauty of the American Southwest than by no plan survives first contact, so remain flexible and adjust.If the first attempthorseback riding. Orme caters to beginners through fails, regroup and critically examine what went well and what didnt, adjust,advanced riders, offering all students a glimpse of the and then try again.traditional Western disciplines that shaped our region. How can our readers find out more?For anyone in the East Phoenix Valley interested in jewelry appraisals, or whoAre you and your horse ready to apply?just want to chat, feel free to send me a note to AhaaAppraisals@gmail.com.Contact our Admissions Office at Separately, it was great hearing from a bunch of our classmates; its been wayadmissions@ormeschool.org.too long!41'