b'FACES OF ORMEA U D R E YH AG E D O R N 8 0Audrey attended Orme from 1976-1980, graduating in 1980. She is the Class Rep for her class and currently lives in Phoenix where she is a Gemologist. How did you and your family findagement and Literature.By this time myup moving to Northern Virginia for an Orme? dad retired and he and my mom wereawesome job in the Department of living in Mesa, AZ, so I returned to MesaState, Foreign Service (VA was cheaper In the late 70s we had quite a few kidsand bummed around for a few years try- to live in than DC), but the commute from Saudi Arabia whose parentsing to decide what to do for a living.Iwas miserable.worked for the Arabian-American Oilthought I was going to go into hotelThroughout my career, Ive traveled Company (ARAMCO), as it was knownmanagement (preferably international),to more than 40 foreign countries, and back then; I was one of thelived in three.My 30+ years few who wasnt an ARAMCOof service has been worth the kid.Although we did live inblood, sweat and tears that Dhahran in the eastern parthave sometimes interrupted of the country for a couple ofthe fun.From 2008-2009, I months, and I attended thewas fortunate to be selected ARAMCO school, my familyto attend the National War and I then moved to the otherCollege, and graduated in side of the country to al Taif2009 with a Masters in Na-(the Saudi summer capital). tional Security Strategy (aka Our school in Taif was tinyStrategery).In 2019, I was and we didnt have a highable to move back to Mesa to school, so we all looked else- help my mom and thanks to where.I found Orme througha life-long Ormite friend, I my research and my familybought a house way out in loved Arizona; my otherEast Mesa.choice was a school in Flori-da, but Ormes academicsYouve had an amazing and horsemanship programglobal career experience. won me over.I was only in- How did you get into the volved in the horsemanshipfield of Gemology?program for a short time though, and changed to ath- In the late 1990s, I started letics. studying gemology (the sci-ence of gemstones) in my After you graduated Orme,free timeLOL.I also where did you go? What wasworked part time for my your educational journeymentor in his jewelry ap-like? praisal lab during the years I lived in Northern Virginia.I Although my dad planned on me goingand worked in a couple hotels. I wasreceived my Graduate Gemologist (GG) to ASU (he never told me why!), I select- also a bartender in a biker bar, a temp forand Graduate Pearls diplomas from the ed Claremont McKenna College (CMC) invarious offices at Motorola, taught TaeGemology Institute of America, and southern California (it was still calledKwon Do, went into sales for a shortearned my Fellow of Gemmology (FGA) Claremont Mens College at that time).time, and then thought about joining thefrom the Gemmological Association of Orme was smaller in the late 70s than itmilitary.I talked to a Navy recruiter andGreat Britain (yes, the Brits spell gem-is now and I wanted to go to a similarlytold him that I wanted to fly helicopters;mology with two Ms).Finally, I received small college and CMC was a greathe advised me that there werent femalemy appraisal certification through the choice. I graduated from CMC in 1984helicopter pilots in the US Navy (thatNational Association of Jewelry Ap-with a dual major in International Man- was then!)sigh.Soin 1987 I endedpraisers. I established Ahaa Gems & 40'