b'C L A S SO F2 0 2 1T he Class of 2021 will certain- of my college essay was about the ly remember their senior yearthings that did not change from the forever. They experienced anpandemic.educational roller coaster over the lastFor Jamari, who carried a stellar GPA two years. They began their junior yearduring his time at Orme, he was accept-as a normal school year and ended ited into several of his top choice on computer screens. Thanks to theschools, but ultimately settled on the hard work of Ormes Rapid Responseesteemed Howard University in Wash-Team, they were able to begin their se- ington, DC where he will be studying nior year in person, but it looked muchMechanical Engineering. I chose How-different than their previous in-personard as it has an excellent reputation as experiences. Masks, social distancing,a historically black college, with many and outdoor classrooms were some ofnotable alumni including Toni Morrison, the most notable changes, coupledKamala Harris, and Chadwick Boseman, with the fact that some of their class- to name a few. I am going into engi-mates were unable to leave their homeneering because I find this field very in-countries and joined them via comput- teresting. Orme prepared me well and ers for the year.Jamari and his classmates workedhelped me gain greater independence. I There is no doubt that the pandemicwith Ormes College Counseling Pro- am looking forward to meeting new also significantly altered the way thatgram throughout the summer and fall,friends this fall and sharing my talents the members of this class conducteddeveloping a strong college essay andwith them!their college searches. Orme graduate,Common Application, as well as watch- As the Class of 2021 embarks on Jamari John-Rose 21, described howing numerous virtual tours and refiningnew adventures this fall, the Class of he felt when the pandemic first had athe lists of their top choices. Other2022 is ready and excited to begin their major impact on him. When I realizedthan the virtual tours, the applicationcollege searches. They will be visiting there was a pandemic, I was in Hous- process wasnt too different for me,schools and refining their essays for ton. I didnt think too much about it ini- said Jamari. In fact, one of the pointstheir applications. tially until I saw things escalating. I didnt leave my house much and when I did, there were new protocols that I had to get used to. Jamari, who is from the small Caribbean island of Dominica, was fortunate enough to be able to stay in the United States throughout the summer of 2020 and return to campus for in-person learning his senior year. One of the major disadvantages of the college search was the inability of students to visit college campuses in person. With closures throughout the country, colleges began developing vir-tual tours, which allowed students to get a feel for the campuses from the safety of their homes. While not quite the same as getting to visit a campus firsthand, these tours opened up the ability for students to see many more campuses than would be possible with traditional travel. 36'