b'teacher he was.He impacted a lot ofIn the end, it lives during his time teaching there andwas a close we think its a great spot where everyonerace, with the whose lives were impacted by Karl canfinal champi-remember and honor him. Plus, there isonship relying the memorial for my brother (Hotshotvery heavily on Travis Carter 99) in the gym, so it is fit- Buckaroo ting they both have a spot at Orme. Bucks earned. Melissa and Weston established thePeyton Calmes Karl Siegfried Overall Orme Student22 and Paige Championship. Beginning last year,Scherr 22 students in the Horsemanship Programcame in 3rd HE WAS HIS BEST PERSON WHILE TEACHING THERE. AND BEING THE SMALL COMMUNITY ORME IS, WE THOUGHT IT A GREAT WAY TO HONOR HIM AT A and 2nd places, re- constant basis. This award was especial-PLACE THAT WILL REMEMBERceiving champion- ly exciting for Rani, who had never won a ship buckles afterbelt buckle before, let alone a saddle. It WHAT A GREAT PERSON ANDhaving very strongwas put to good use as she worked as a showings at thecounselor at a Horsemanship Summer TEACHER HE WAS. gymkhanas andCamp in Texas last summer before head-team roping compe- ing to Cazenovia College this fall to study titions. However, bypsychology and continue riding. It was a Melissa Lange just six points, thefitting tribute as Melissa described her overall champion- favorite Orme memory as galloping her at Orme had the opportunity to earnship went to Rani Hirsch 21 who re- horse down the airstrip at full speed, points throughout the year towards thisceived a certificate for a custom saddlewhich Rani agrees has also been one of overall championship. Given the restric- and championship buckle. Rani not onlyher favorite memories as well!tions of the pandemicwas the overall winner ofStudents are already looking forward last year, all eventsseveral of the gymkhanato competing for the 2022 Karl Siegfried were held on campus.competitions, but also wasOverall Orme Championship, as well as Competitions rangedawarded many Buckaroothe opportunity to compete off campus from gymkhanas toBucks for volunteering toagain. Many thanks to Karls family for trail competitions, andassist beginner riders on athis amazing award. were geared towards riders of all abilities to accumulate enough points for the champi-onship. In addition, students could earn extra points in theKarl in his form of BuckarooOrme days.Bucks by helping rid-ers in need, assisting in extra chores, go-ing above and beyond in the program, and setting good examples. 31'