b'S ince Dorothy Dot Swain Lewisfavorite tradition is and many started the Fine Arts Festivalwill answer with Caravan. (FAF) over fifty years ago, eachThere is no doubt that Ormes spring Orme students anxiously look for- amazing Southwest location, ward to what many describe as their fa- endless camping opportuni-vorite week of the year. And, in 2021, itties and proximity to some of was clear that this creative outlet wasthe most majestic places on needed now more than ever. earth lead those who love ad-With the logistics of operating as aventure to seek out the closed campus due to the pandemicschool. Caravan 2021 did not limiting the ability of artists to comefail to deliver!onto campus, Orme faculty and staffDuring Caravan week, stu-members stepped up in amazing waysdents were divided into to share their many hidden (and somegroups of 10-12 in which they not so hidden) talents with the students.would spend the week com-Workshops varied from Oil Paintingpeting against the other led by Ms. Strobel and Watercolors ledteams in a variety of games. by Dr. Reyes, to newer offerings such asAll teams had their eyes set Cake Decorating led by Ms. Poole andon the prize.a day off of their Natural Body Products led by Mrs.choosing from school! Each group intro- their self-authored team chants and Calmes. In true FAF fashion, studentsduced themselves in spectacular fash- songs, team uniforms and cheers.enjoyed learning skills that most had notion at the Opening Ceremonies. TheyThroughout the week, the teams took had the opportunity to take part in. Theirwent above and beyond showing offpart in survivor activities such as shel-ter-building in the wash, weird-food eat-THE PANDEMIC PROVIDED OUR CAMPUSing, and scavenger hunts. During the evenings, teams were able to camp at WITH THE OPPORTUNITIES TO THINKvarious campus locations.OUTSIDE OF THE BOXAND HELP KEEPThe true highlight of Caravan week was the Tough Mudder competition. The THESE TRADITIONS ALIVE, EVEN IF THEYUp Top area of campus was trans-formed into an obstacle course com-DID NOT LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THEYplete with a slip and slide, mud crawl, tire flipping, horseback riding, and more. The HAVE IN THE PAST. students enjoyed it so much that many volunteered to creative imaginations ran wild as theyhave the opportunity to run produced a variety of works that werethrough again in the evening. put on display at the end of the week. This event is something that A new tradition that we hope to havewe hope to continue for for many years to come was an openingmany years to come!Arts and Crafts Sale. Prior to the first dayLooking back, we are fortu-of FAF classes, students and faculty hadnate that the pandemic pro-the opportunity to sell their own craftsvided our campus with the and artwork to the community. Worksopportunities to think outside ranged from Block Prints to Crochet Ani- of the box and help keep mals to Jewelry to Baked Goods. A por- these traditions alive, even if tion of each sale supported the Festivalthey did not look exactly like and the event was a huge success! Stu- they have in the past. Moving dents are already talking about whatforward, we hope to continue they will make for next years show. some of the great activities FAF is just one example of how Ormethat were a result of last year, was able to creatively keep its traditionsas well as offer the more tra-alive throughout the pandemic. Ask anyditional activities that our current student or alumni what anotherschool is known for. 29'